• Published 25th Oct 2020
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You're Probably Wondering Why I'm Wearing a Maid's Dress... - Tiki Bat

A Stallion down on his luck has an interesting story behind why he's wearing a maid's dress of all things...

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The Awkward Walk and an Embarassing Talk

What did I get myself into? I frantically thought as I anxiously trotted down the street.

I had been briskly making my way over to my new place of employment for the better part of I don’t even know how long. The embarrassment of wandering through a familiar city wearing some frilly dress made the minutes stretch into hours, and I was on edge. To make matters worse, I was clearly the only pony out that had any article of clothing on, and it made me stand out even more amongst the crowd. Just what I needed, even more anxiety and worry.

I trotted along fast as I could in the dress, barely even moving my eyes from their straightforward gaze out of fear that I’d make eye contact with someone I’d recognize. Much to my own relief that hadn’t happened yet, and I sure hoped to keep it that way. I was clearly making a mountain out of a molehill, but could you blame me? The anxiety and excitement of this unorthodox outing did little to calm my nerves, and in fact it only really seemed to heighten my senses. To my dumb, panicky mind everyone was staring at me and silently judging me, even if the reality was that no one gave any second thought to a stallion wandering through town in a maid dress. That didn’t stop my mind from racing to the worst conclusions however.

I was quickly lost in thought and as I continued along the rest of the world slowly faded into the background. I was on autopilot now, which was a dangerous path to trot down, but I didn’t consider this until I collided with a passing mare, knocking the both of us down and striking any chance at not drawing any more attention to myself.

“Hey! Watch where you’re going!” the blue bat pony shouted. I let out a nervous squeak and she flashed an almost embarrassed, sympathetic look of her own, “Oh I’m sorry miss, guess I got a little jumpy.” She helped me up, earning a nervous eep!

“I’m uhh… not a mare.”

Her eyes widened, “Oh my gosh, I’m sorry. Guess I saw the dress and just jumped to conclusions,” she glanced over me and laid a comforting hoof on my side, “but is everything okay? You’re not hurt, right”

I shook my head, “Everything seems okay. What about you?”

“Good,” she helped straighten my dress and paused, “Name’s Sheila, I don’t think we’ve met before.”

“S—Stardust!” I squeaked out, earning a confused glance from her.

“Stardust eh? Well it’s nice to meet you. You in a rush for something?”

“I uhh— I gotta get to work. It’s my first day.”

“Right, well I’ll let you get to that Stardust,” she replied back, almost disappointedly.

“Wanna meet up after work sometime? Maybe in a few days?” I blurted out.

She scrutinized me again before flashing a small smile, “Diamond Diner in two days, sunrise?”

“I… I’ll be there!” I replied.

“See you soon Stardust!” She cheered back as she started to trot off.

What are you doing?! I thought to myself. She’s gonna recognize you now. You just bumped into a cute mare while wearing a maid dress and you’re going to go have breakfast in a couple of days! Good going genius!

I shook my head and picked up the pace, now wasn’t the time to sit and mentally berate myself over this. I had two days to make up some explanation, I didn’t need to stress over that now. I turned my gaze forward and hastily continued toward my destination, glad that at least no one had actually recognized me yet.

“Heya Stardust, that you?!” Came a cheerful voice of my mail mare friend.

My face turned a deep red and I silently cursed the universe for its dramatic irony as she landed next to me, clearly trying to hold back a giggle.

“Moondrop!.. it’s uhh, nice to see you. Got a busy day with the mail?”

“Earlier I did,” she paused, seeming to hang on the verge of asking something, “So… what’s with the dress? I never pegged you as the fashion forward type.”

“Dress? What dress!” I nervously blurted out. What dress? Why did I always have to jump to the flimsiest excuse imaginable?

“The one you’re wearing, silly!” She teased, bopping me on the muzzle.

“Ohh, that dress,” I nervously laughed, “Well uhh… funny story. Remember that package you delivered earlier?”

“The rush package from Orange Manor? What about it?”

“Well uhh— you see, that was my work uniform. I’m uhhh their new maid.”

“Huh, well that’s good for you. Not the uniform I’d expect them to give you, but it’s cute and you totally rock it.”

My eyes shot open in surprise, “I’m sorry, what was that?”

“You totally rock the dress. Not a lot of stallions can pull it off like you can. Think this is gonna be a regular look for you or just an occasional thing?”

My face flashed an even darker shade of red, “I… I don’t know. I didn’t think about this.”

“Well definitely think about it, it’s a cute look!”

I almost didn’t know what to think aside from being embarrassed over this, and maybe even a little flattered. Weird, right? But in a really odd turn of events, Moondrop complimenting me on my look almost made me feel more at ease. The mare from before hadn’t poked fun at me, and the one pony that recognized me on the street had said I looked cute in the outfit.

I returned a confident smile and raised my head up, “You really think so?”

She smiled, “Oh no, I know so.

I couldn’t help but let out a small laugh, earning one from her in return.

“You don’t know how much that helps to hear. I’ve been trotting along feeling so nervous about what other ponies would think, guess I psyched myself up.”

“Don’t worry about what other ponies think. Worry about what you think.”

As nervous as I was, she had a good point. What did it matter what other ponies thought? Maybe I thought this was a weird getup, but clearly I was making it a much bigger issue in my head.

“You know what, you’re right Moondrop. I was so worried about this, but it’s really not an issue at all.”

“See? Just roll with it and see what happens. As long as you’re comfortable and happy that’s all that matters.”

I smiled, “Thanks again. This means a lot more to me than you probably know.”

“No sweat, now I don’t want to just spoil a good mood, but I gotta get back to my mail route. You have a great day though, keep me updated on how the whole job goes, I know you’re gonna do just fine there.”

“Thanks, I’ll let you know how it all goes for sure.”

“Cya later Stardust!”

“Goodbye Moondrop.”

Just as soon as she had shown up, she was gone leaving me alone, but feeling far more confident than I had felt before.

I continued on my walk, but this time something was different. Instead of being anxious and embarrassed, I carried myself way more confidently than I had before. As Orange Manor came into view, I couldn’t help but feel confident that everything would work out just fine.

I just knew that things would turn out fine!.. right?