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working on two fics and am looking for a cover artist for them and my profile pic is one i made last night

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This story is a sequel to The Pain Of Loss

The Crystal Empire: the last days of the rule of King Sombra. A Pegasus fights to protect his family at any cost, but what happens when he is mortally wounded? What will he give to save them? What will he be willing to pay when a stranger seemingly ignored by everyone else offers him power, but at a cost. Is this cost too high? What is the catch?

(So you all know thus is more to add a explanation to why red has abilitys and sorry if it's to fast paced need to work on it)

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Redsopine is a normal guy or so people think what they dont know is that he is a pegasi outcast that took over the role off he's human double when they died and has cared for hes sister and niece but they dont know he's secreat untill one day everything he has and everyone he loves gets hurt

(Just a quick edit anything I add to this will always be labled a version higer then before till it seems right)

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