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hiii just a heads up but anytime somone is kind enough to use my ocs has permission to use anytime (just no clop without me either asking or being asked)

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This story is a sequel to Bonds of love what if

After the night Gallus had a breakdown and Smolder stopped him from hurting himself she's been on edge and worried about him even more.

(Edited by the amazing summer script himself thanks man you both inspired me to write 2 fics and are a great help)

(the suicide tag is for the subject matter being discussed in the first chapter and is from events in first fic before this one)

(PS its highly recommended you read both the bonds of love by summer script and the bonds of love what if i writ to understand what happens in this fully)

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This story is a sequel to The Bonds of Love

a what if based around the ending parts of summer scrtipts bonds of love chapter 7 with permission to use a rant gallus has as the starting point

What if instead of telling Gallus in words just how much he is worth of the love and pride in himself ocellus shows him

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Redsopine and Walter have not seen each other for a decade of traveling the multiverse and randomly bump into each other and decide to have a drink in a bar to celebrate but unfortunately for them a unknown group of multidimensional hunters has them in there sights enjoy the mayhem

(Spoilers for a key plot moment so read them at your own risk also tons of signing)

side note the barfight happens in a later chapter

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(i recomend reading both chapters as they are hugely diffrent one was my orginal idea bit untidy and then the second is from my editor/co writers brilliant brain and no matter what they say im not taking of the co writer lol)

broken and bleeding a colt has a choice to make a simple question to answer what would you give

(Note this is my first real attempt at horror and while the fic has the word sister in it just to clarify its not by blood or adoption just friends close as family)

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(My own take on sao with alot of changes occurring inside it saving a few needless deaths and making it more real for a few of them later on also if anyone has a idea to strengthen the tie in is welcome)

Other tags I could not include slice of life and romance and it swaps between third and first person)

Kirito one of the original beta testers for sword art online was helping a new player to learn the game when something unforeseen happens and a creature he has never seen before appears hurt and bleeding.

Redsopine hurt and banished from his home just for being what he is after saving the life of a filly in danger revealing his true nature he finds himself trapped in a game that just became all to real asking himself if he should try help others and risk being hunted again

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The Crystal Empire: the last days of the rule of King Sombra. A Pegasus fights to protect his family at any cost, but what happens when he is mortally wounded? What will he give to save them? What will he be willing to pay when a stranger seemingly ignored by everyone else offers him power, but at a cost. Is this cost too high? What is the catch?

(So you all know thus is more to add a explanation to why red has abilitys and sorry if it's to fast paced need to work on it)

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Redsopine is a normal guy or so people think what they dont know is that he is a pegasi outcast that took over the role off he's human double when they died and has cared for hes sister and niece but they dont know he's secreat untill one day everything he has and everyone he loves gets hurt

(Just a quick edit anything I add to this will always be labled a version higer then before till it seems right)

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