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On the night of her coronation, Twilight Sparkle joins Celestia in her chambers. But before the young new alicorn can confess her feelings, Celestia has a startling confession of her own to make: She is not who she seems.

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It's history, but with ponies!

Warning: Contains references to Genitals and socio-economic collapse. Read at your own risk.

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Why is Twilight Sparkle best pony?
To answer that is like answering why the sky is blue? Something about wavelengths, I think.

Twilight Sparkle was born an alicorn. And not just an alicorn, but an alicorn princess. And not just an alicorn princess, but the most powerful alicorn princess that ever existed, will exist, and could conceivably exist. So naturally, Twilight bums off Princess Celestia.

But one day, Twilight discovers a prophesy that changes everything. But not really, because Twilight is eternal. But she finds this prophesy right, about Nightmare Moon. So she goes to Ponyville.

And that is where our story begins. Actually a little before that, because the introduction is Twilight finding the prophesy about Nightmare Moon. So she was in the garden and she found it, right, the prophesy.
Good lord are you still reading the description? Just read the darn story if you wanna, or piss off.

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Something terrible is lurking in the Bright World. Something great, ancient, and inapproachable. There are things older than ponykind which linger in Equestria.

It is an age of great advancements in Equestria. The power of the knights and nobles is fading, as prosperous cities and increased interconnectedness with the world funnels new wealth and power to the commoners. Feudalism is breaking down. Gunpowder, oceanic trade, and new ideologies have shifted the balance of power and pony attitudes to the powers that be. Empress Celestia rules from her capital of Equestria, but she is not sleeping well. Her enemies are organizing against the peace her predecessors brought.

Celestia sees before her the proud and arrogant aristocracy who believe their chance to take back control has come. They rally to duplicitous and sinister powers whose intentions are far from clear, but are doubtlessly partisan. The unicorns of Canterlot are willing to support any who promise them supremacy, even if it means fracturing the peace between the tribes.

From above, Celestia hears the distant songs of a long lost sister, whose power to twist and seduce the minds of mortals is second to none. The Nightmares, Dark servants of an ancient god are returning to make their play at destroying Celestia where they could not succeed a thousand years past. They will drive the empress to terrible things, she knows. Never is her wrath so hot as when facing the ones she loves.

And from the Past, Celestia feels a cycle turning, and events replaying. Great and old gods and their malicious servants who once haunted the dreams of Ponykind are coming alive again, their grudges against Celestia burning in their foul hearts.

But what drives Celestia to fear most of all is the knowledge that her ponies will be the true downfall of Equestria. They will split along their differences. They will hate, take arms, and join battle against themselves. More than one cherished student will fall to evil, twisted by Darkness or Light.

Celestia can feel her death coming. The Civil War that will inevitably come will be the only inheritance she can leave her chosen successors. It will be up to them to make something of the dreams of ponykind.

Author's warnings: Many original characters, very long story (Probs less than half done), takes a while to kick off, seriously dark at times.

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Granny Smith has fallen into serious debt. How can she solve this problem?

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