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I'm a Christian teen who likes mlp:fim. Do I need to say more?

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In an alternate universe where the Tree of Harmony doesn't exist. Cason Changewing has a criminal record. He has more enemies than friends, but is it his fault? No. It's his master's fault for the missions he gets sent on. Not that Cason complains. But one mission will test his abilities beyond his wildest dreams. He must steal the Elements of Harmony. He has eleven problems with this. Three princesses, six chosen bearers, an old enemy, and the need for a good pair of wings. He has to make do with minimal magic. Will he succeed? For him, failure will mean his life.

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Nightmare Moon defeated Celestia in the original battle. Nightmare set herself up as queen over Equestria, and even married King Sombra. She feared rebellion, however, and used her powers to take away all (excluding Sombra) of the Unicorns' magic. But 1,000 years into her reign, Twilight Sparkle discovers that she has magic. Nightmare Moon was right to fear rebellion...

the image isn't mine, I found it on google

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Discord has been "reformed" for a while now, but now he has taken back the throne for the last time. Magic Pull is one stallion willing to do anything to keep Discord from keeping the throne, even if it means the death of many ponies, including himself.

I watched Twilight's Kingdom after I wrote this story.

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Luna has found a normal stallion to be her heir. Though Alicorns are believed to be immortal, they only have extensive life-spans. This stallion must go from a normal life to the life of royalty and Alicornship. There will be some romance, and it is labeled 'alternate universe' because of light plot twists.
P.S. I am editing the story to try and improve it. Please read, even though there are many hates. Give me feedback.

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Twilight Sparkle makes some friends in Canterlot that lead her to believe that she is better than everypony else because of her position with Celestia. No pony is there to wield the Elements save a pegusus filly…

Jewel Wing is an orphaned pegusus filly that has two strange wings and wants nothing more than to be put in the care of a loving family.

Rainbow Dash is a stuck up pegusus that wants nothing more than success. She is the leader of the WonderBolts and will do anything for fame. Anypony "less perfect" than her is not to be seen or talked with in any friendly manner.

Rarity is a beautiful unicorn that cares little for anything other than looks. She will do anything to make herself more beautiful, famous, and rich.

Fluttershy is too shy for anyone to know anything about.

Pinkie Pie throws parties a lot, but when she isn't partying she is cruel.

AppleJack is a hard working, honest, and kind pony. She is always willing to take in a pony, or gain a new friend.

These added up don't quite equal Harmony.

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Two kingdoms' rulers are always arguing. Equestria and Stabalia. The king and queen of Stabalia are constantly telling Celestia and Luna to rule with an iron hoof, and Celestia and Luna tell them love and tolerance. They fall from their old friendship, and soon argue every time they communicate. rumors of war soon spread, and it seems likely to happen. King Noon Sun finally comes up with the solution: his daughter, Sunrise Glow will marry Princess Celestia's nephew, Blueblood. Sunrise Glow soon fears for her sanity.

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Twilight's coronation was just recently, and nothing has gone wrong since. But alas, it could not last. King Sombra returns, and this time Equestria will not be rid of him so easily. Twilight finds herself in the caves beneath Canterlot, where she will learn secrets that are best left undiscovered.

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What if history hadn't recorded the Nightmare Moon incident quite right? What if Luna had turned out of love rather than jealousy? This is a short story to help me not feel bad about procrastinating with my other story (which you should check out as soon as you are done with this one).

And by the way, if any of you cared to look, Celestia's hind legs are missing in my cover photo.

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