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I'm a Christian teen who likes mlp:fim. Do I need to say more?


Twilight Sparkle makes some friends in Canterlot that lead her to believe that she is better than everypony else because of her position with Celestia. No pony is there to wield the Elements save a pegusus filly…

Jewel Wing is an orphaned pegusus filly that has two strange wings and wants nothing more than to be put in the care of a loving family.

Rainbow Dash is a stuck up pegusus that wants nothing more than success. She is the leader of the WonderBolts and will do anything for fame. Anypony "less perfect" than her is not to be seen or talked with in any friendly manner.

Rarity is a beautiful unicorn that cares little for anything other than looks. She will do anything to make herself more beautiful, famous, and rich.

Fluttershy is too shy for anyone to know anything about.

Pinkie Pie throws parties a lot, but when she isn't partying she is cruel.

AppleJack is a hard working, honest, and kind pony. She is always willing to take in a pony, or gain a new friend.

These added up don't quite equal Harmony.

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Super Pony! Super Prince Awesome (SPA)! YAY!

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