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Reunited with his beloved Shield Knight, Shovel Knight continues journeying with her, just like old times.
But when what appears to just be run-of-the-mill loot ends up teleporting the pair to a new dimension,
The pair will find themselves not only facing a new journey. but new challenges within themselves as well.

*Warning- minor spoilers for Shovel Knight*

7/21/2014- We made the popular stories list! Thank you everyone! Who knows, maybe we'll make the feature box? Perhaps?
7/22/2014- I don't even... we actually made the feature box.
4/3/2016- We once again made the feature box. Thank you all again for your continued support of the story.

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It has been a couple of months since Luna's first Nightmare night since she had returned. Now, Hearth's Warming Eve is upon Equestria. Luna, despite feeling much more welcomed into this new era since that Nightmare night, her mind still wanders. Even dipping into slight loneliness. But her mind soon clears as she comes up with an idea to once again meet the pony who was able to clear her thoughts of loneliness.

Written for Christmas/Hearth's Warming Eve 2013. Happy Holidays everyone!

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Nurse Red Heart goes day to day, working in Ponyville Hospital. It's a good job, and she's made some wonderful friends in her co-workers. However, it always felt to her that something was... missing. However will her big heart change her life for the better? (Three-Shot)
(Continuing the string of family stories with its predecessors The Bond between Mother and Son and When they do Grow Up)

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------------Not on Hiatus, Currently being edited before new chapter are released---------
An eight year old boy and a sixteen year old boy that both live in Equestria. What more could they possibly have in common besides that? Are they cousins? No. Brothers? Getting warmer, but no. The same person? Yep.
What happens? The younger and older Toby not only switch bodies but time periods as well. This could get interesting...
Rated Teen just in case for future chapters.
If you haven't seen the ANewHome series yet, then this will make no sense, so please go read the series before you get confused.
If you haven't seen The Story of Red Tails yet, I suggest you should as the past sequences take place during that period of time in the Tobyverse created by my amazing friend APoeticHeart.
Cover art done by my amazing friend, ShutterGuy!
The latest ANewHome by Poetic and fred2266: click me

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This story is a sequel to The Bond between Mother and Son

Button's mother did tell Button Mash once that he was too young to worry how long they will be together, or why he would have to grow up one day. But she never said that she didn't worry. Now, two years later, Button is growing up more and more each passing day, what will it mean for her? What will it mean for Button? What will it mean for them both as a family?

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Just a normal sunny day in Ponyville, right? Anything but when Button Mash's mother sees that Button Mash is acting much different than usual. However, the reason behind it will have a much bigger impact on their relationship as mother and son than she realizes. (NOT A CLOPFIC)

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-------------------------------Temporarily On Hiatus-------------------------
RedTails, a colt with a mysterious power that has lost all hope and has turned cold and bitter has comes into the life of the Mane Six. What secrets is he hiding? How does somepony, or rather someone, have something in common with him in Ponyville? Will the ponies be able to teach RedTails the magic of friendship or shall he remain the way he is forever?
A co-written story with APoeticHeart
This takes place in the same world as the New Home series by APoeticHeart after A New Home 2, but three months before the events of A New Home 3 and is canon in the Tobyverse (Yes, Geo came up with that name.)

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(This was my first ever story on Fimfic. I'm continuing it, but its also currently going under heavy editing. For those new, please keep that in mind. Thank you to those who've supported me since the beginning!)
仮面ライダードレイク!Kamen Rider Drake!
Unlock the door to Power!
電源への扉のロックを解除 !
Spike, the purple scaled, green spiked, #1 assistant drake to Princess Twilight Sparkle, now finds himself facing a new challenge. A small, metal dragon no larger than Spike's own claw suddenly shows up and tells Spike of an
incoming threat that he will have to face. But not as an ordinary baby dragon, no...
As the Kamen Rider Drake!
What dangers will he face?! What allies will he gain?! What enemies will be made?! Only one way to find out!
(Taking place shortly after the end of Season 3)

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