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Well damn Dashie :pinkiegasp:

Damn... great to see a new story from you (as I was sort of wondering when we would again), but this was quite dark and sad. And seemed like could've put more detail into the beginning possibly or at least led up to the scene in question, rather than having the synopsis of the story do that for us. Poor Shy, of all the ponies, seems like she's the one most often the rape victim of the Mane 6... at least imo. Though I could be mistaken. :twilightsheepish:

Something else I don't understand: is this REALLY the end? I feel like a part/lot of it was cut out, since pretty sure you at least end your stories with "The End" usually. (And since typing this, I HAVE confirmed that.) And they're usually at least longer than this, if you haven't noticed the number of words it has. I dunno, feel like you should make sure site/document didn't goof in uploading, like with a couple of your previous stories that later re-uploaded, to my recollection, since the seemingly ending of this seems a bit... off. Lemme go check on SF if it's this way...

Addition: Okay, so this IS the end. But I don't get reasoning for not at least establishing so, is it in case you want to add more? Cause it seems kind of cruel to make us wonder what happens to poor Flutters, if there's no plans for a sequel to this like a majority of your other fics (pony or Pokemon, though those're the only ones I'm familiar with). And did 'enjoy' this, even though I didn't think I liked it, even if somewhat against the whole Flutterdash pairing, but I'll still read it. :twilightsheepish: So won't upvote, but won't downvote it either, sorry.

The End added. It just slipped my mind is all.

And the story was written in like, 2 hours, and it was intended to be a quickie from the get-go. When I have to set up a plot ( a good plot, rather), things start to slow down and take longer. I didn't have time for that. Heck, it didn't even go through my proofreader! Just consider it a filler for my real project I am working on.

Ah, okay. Well, I was about to add to my original comment after I got back from the bathroom, that... NORMALLY, I love what you write, at least when it's something I can get behind and do read. But this... it just didn't FEEL like something you normally write, even if it had your name, it seemed like it was rushed and all that. Of course, could just be feeling like this cause I have had a hard time lately (especially tonight), but I highly doubt so. No disrespect meant, I did sorta like it but didn't love or hate it. And ah, well then, I do hope your next project appeals more to my depraved pony tastes. :twilightsheepish: And yeah, I noticed as well about no note on this about your normal or one of your proofreaders (if you have more than one), when I looked through your other recent stories that I actually read. :twilightblush:

Is there going to be more chapters?


Wasn't planning on it. Why? You want more? :)

Well I'm kinda of a writer myself. So yes I think you should add more chapters about Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy.:eeyup: There is an opening for a chapter 2 as Fluttershy could get pay back at Rainbow Dash.

Story is great so keep it up.:pinkiehappy:

I'll consider it, although I would not be opposed to a fansequel... ;)

I'm going to be honest here. The way this story was laid out... it pained me to read it. There was no proper explanation, no real reason for Dash to do something so horrible, especially to Fluttershy. If there was at least a lead up to this or for fucks sake an explanation that didn't make Rainbow seem like a crazed stalker. I probably could have enjoyed the story a bit more.

But, honestly it reminded me more of the movie Misery and I HATED that movie.

Fair enough, I did say I wrote it in a hurry with little proofreading. It was intended purely for clopping purposes without any plot (which is by no means the norm for me, mind), so I'm not expecting it to get the golden fanfiction award.

True, but the way it was written... at least to me made me unable to even get slightly aroused. Not only was it so damn OOC for Rainbow Dash (And a little bit of OOC is okay when your doing anything mature because you know it's a kids show.)

But, the fact that she'd tie up and rape the pony she practically treats like a sister makes it another blow to the story. (Not to mention Loyalty would definitely prevent her from doing that as I don't think you can remain loyal to someone's trust after doing that.)

Fair enough. I hope it doesn't deter you from reading my other stories, though.

Oh definitely not, I've actually read a few of them. Love is Abloom is actually a personal favorite of mine.


This is a very short fanfic based off the cover art you see, although it's also based off an even more explicit version found here: http://darkjesterarchive.homestead.com/dashieflutter-everythingon_zpsbb1b6a9b.jpg

Broken image. Also:

Do not post NSFW images or links to NSFW images in your story. This includes the cover art, description, and text of the story itself.

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