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An unspoken prank war between two ponies sparks Rainbow Dash to get an awesome idea for revenge.

Done as 100 word drabbles based off of prompts given by a friend.

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Come to think of it, the way you keep the chapters to EXACTLY a hundred words each while still establishing a very fun and coherent romp is quite impressive. I like this unique style.

2236825 I really don't care either way, I just want to know why I still got a notification about it even though I'm not following him.

Heh. I liked this, quite a bit.
The fact they were always one hundred words each really impressed me. The way they collectively made an overall story, yet had their own sense of individuality - like scenes from a movie: a tidbit at a time.
Like it, P-man, and overall impressive. And quite the cute little read. ;D

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