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Some things in life remain constant no matter what changes around them. Unfortunately for Daring Do, the more things stay the more they change the sane.

A magic mirror, a whole new world of wonder and terror, and the most unlikely companion make for Daring's weirdest adventure yet!

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One thing that's always nice about your fics is that you drop us in at the right place, where we can get just enough exposition to get us going. What do we know? Daring's in the mirror world, the Doctor is there, and Derpy is the companion. Let's get this crossover party started.

Very interesting, please continue

So this is the Mirror world, and The Doctor and Derpy are there... Anyone else wondering if Twilight is gonna pop up somewhere? Can't wait for the next chapter.

I like it. It makes me want to know more of course... and the Doctor is every bit as charming as I've expected him to be!
Thank you!

Please continue.

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