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Rainbow Dash is not one to let Twilight's newly acquired wings go to waste, so she tasks a certain pegasus to help her learn the ins and outs of flying and the duty of all ponies with wings. Unfortunately for Twilight, she might want to give the wings back when she's finished.


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Nicely done. Feels like it could easily be an episode of the show.

I like how you managed to make Alicorn Twi work well. I think that might be a fandom record.

Not enough! I want to see moar of this! :twilightsheepish:

Comment posted by Ponyman deleted Feb 1st, 2013

As I said before, this is incredibly humorous. Slapstick is a form of comedy that will never die.

I wonder if something similar to this will happen in season 4?

(Joke) Alt. Title: Flyin' Dirty
I think I've used this on every "Twilight = pegasus" fic I've commented on:

I love the iron hide Ditzy and her trying to help Twilight is amusing.

I kind of want to know what kind of party they were setting up for Twilight.

And yes, I'm sure Discord is laughing somewhere. Might not know why he's laughing, but it's not like he's ever let that stop him before.

Another enjoyable little short story. I particularly like how Twilight was still drawing upon her knowledge and magic to solve her problems, even going as far as identifying the clouds and weather. Although, I am a little confused as to how she made the cloud rain magic dust. I guess it's just an alicorn thing.

Discord would be proud

Hi there. I hope you don't mind, but I liked this fic so much I have turned it into an audiofic / radio play over on YouTube.


I'm still blown away. Thank you! :pinkiehappy:

Rarity’s golf balls

Is this a reference to 'Rhythm is Magic: Foal in One?'

I honestly was actually going to favorite this, but the ending kind of ruined it for me.
I get that Twilight was mad at Rainbow for what she did, but encasing her in cotton candy just felt like she took things a bit too far.

There either needs to be an extra scene with RD eating her way out of the cotton candy ball and then apologizing to Twilight, or Twilight's "revenge" needed to be something else that didn't feel as cruel.

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THIS came to mind:

Review notification, even though you're not around Fimfiction any more. In brief: mildly amusing, simple, fluffy slice of life. The opening para is a bit forced, though.

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