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Interesting concept you have here. I like.

Thank you :pinkiesmile:

2224801 See below:

Yep you are definitely going for Lyra Memory Orbs. Memory Orbs found by some pony 200 plus years after the war that killed Equestria. Welcome folks! Welcome to Fallout Equestria

Fascinating. Lyra responsible for the development of firearms and power armor? A dark, twisted take on her fanonical obsession that's perfect for Fallout. Very well done.

Such high praise! I'm honored.

Thanks :twilightsmile: That's what I was hoping to convey.

Didn't expect anyone to even glance at this story, considering it hasn't been touched in over 4 months, so I'm pleasantly surprised to find two more favorites today. Also: 16 likes, 16 favorites, and only 1 dislike out of 61 views. ~25% approval rating? Not a bad record, if you ask me.

Comment posted by BlizKriegBob deleted Jul 7th, 2014

I do remember Lyra being mentioned once in the story at a recording studio. I wonder if you're going to shoehorn that in somehow.

I am somewhat glad these are short chapters because I am in no mood for a sweeping epic right now.

Good job and I hope the rest gets much more interesting.

Well, Lyra invented the gun.

It's so brilliant I never would have thought of it. I thought the ministry of technology would have made them.

This story has made a very interesting turn.

Jeesh. Lyra goes all out.

Treachery! Treason!

Goldenblood is a real doo-doo head!

A really good story. Darn, I started to tear up again throughout this chapter.

This was another great addition to the Fallout universe.

Thanks for sharing.

1 Quick edit: "pormised"

I'm glad you enjoyed the story, though I'm a little surprised you managed to find it buried among almost two years of better and more recent stories. Still, thank you for the compliments :twilightsmile: And for the spelling catch! I can't believe I never fixed that :twilightoops:

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