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There is a world where humans were living their normal lives. That is till a blinding flash of light flashed over their world.The humans were now what some would call Pokemon. Although it was cool and amazing to some at first, it quickly turned into a bloody war as new found power was given to everyone. A certain group of friends, who always thought life would be simpler as Pokemon, got together as one of them, namely an Eevee by the name of Josh knew this conflict of war had to end. So him along with his friends set out to end this war and actually managed do so within a couple of months. Peace managed to be secured in this chaotic world and these friends were held as heroes for their way of being the peace warriors for the god of Pokemon Arceus.

Now that the friends have done what their god has asked of them, they return to their normal lives. Hanging with each other as much as they can, or going to their places of work. On one day however they were all on a day of hanging out, then a blinding flash of light evaporated them and they were transported to a world where Friendship is Magic.

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WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO buck yeah :D first chapter is up and running X3

Could be better, would like to see where this goes

YAY eevee.:pinkiehappy: also why the dislikes.:fluttercry:

2222344 Well any criticism you have that can helpful for story would be very appreciated :pinkiehappy: Would very much like to know what I need to do to make it better :twilightsmile:

2222735 The dislikers have their opinion on story which is negative. But every story has at least some haters which still makes the story popular :rainbowlaugh: But its good to see some people like this strange idea of a story XD

this is awesome. i don't understand why so many people dislike it.

*Ponyville. That is the ONE thing that gets on my nerves.

Comment posted by Hyacintho Ignis deleted Mar 7th, 2013

2223453 I'm going to assume the rest of the characters will be meeting the Mane 6 in different ways and that will be chapter 2.
Make the M6 a bit more skeptical.. especially Twilight. When they we're around the campfire it was good how you made it that Arceus said what Josh defended him over with the 'taking care of a few matters' making it seem like he truly is some kind of god-like creature with supernatural hearing.

I also liked how you went into detail about each of the pokemon group, but there was a little bit too much attention to it and i actually skipped the last couple bits pertaining to some of the characters. Hopefully wont see this in chapters 2-3. Also be nice to see what kind of storyline you've got working here

2227801 Indeed you would be correct. And also thank you for your advice, now I can start working on chapter 2 with ease. :twilightsmile:

2225223 The problem has been corrected. Thank ya for the correcting me on that. Wasn't completely sure on how I wrote it. :pinkiehappy:

2227911 writing fics are never easy, i've got like 6 half-finished ones on my laptop and i'm stuck staring at my screen wondering where to go...

5? Just 5? Were you really too damn lazy to bring a full team?

Heck, even the ponies know better than that.

2228971 A late response but I don't see the problem with 5 Pokemon.

Did you really think its going to be more then that? I think this might be not a pokemon transfer to Equestria story, more like just the team only... I think.
I agree.

3453015 please upload more chapters for this story

The characters personalities are harder to develop with more main characters.

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