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Surprises · 8:22pm Dec 18th, 2013

To be honest I did not expect so much love for "Spike Loves Cherries". It even got praise from some other amazing authors on here. So I guess since so many demand a sequel it will need to be done either after or before the other Spike shipping stories I'm working on.

So for those wondering which ones I'm working on here they are in order:
Spike X Mayor Mare
Spike X Photo Finish
Spike X Sapphire Shores
Spike X Nurse RedHeart

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Back to writing. · 7:00pm Dec 10th, 2013

Alright so my writer's block is gone. Praise Luna that it is and thanks to it being gone Ponies Meet Pokemon has been updated with two more chapters. Also a new story added whoop whoop. Those who have read Spring and Cookie will notice that it is being redone as well.

A new story will be posted as well this one being a One-Shot Spike ship. :3

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Updates and Plans · 10:09pm Apr 28th, 2013

To all those who are looking forward to chapter 5 of Ponies Meets Pokemon, I am happy to inform that it will uploaded today. It would have been finished sooner but it seems school math work has gotten its way into this and so I had to focus on that. F*cking math and its confusing problems. With that and the constant updates on the stories I added in favorites :P But anywho a new term is starting tomorrow at school so new classes no more math :D so my time shall be devoted to Ponies Meets

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Spike · 5:57am Mar 8th, 2013

I am contemplating on whether I should do Spike Shippings with certain characters. If ya think I should or not feel free to comment any particular Spike X Anypony.

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How does this story sound from the description? · 11:40pm Mar 4th, 2013

"There is a world where humans were living their normal lives. That is till a blinding flash of light flashed over their world.The humans were now what would some would call Pokemon. Although it was cool and amazing to some at first, it quickly turned into a bloody war as new found power was given to everyone. A certain group of friends, who always thought life would be simpler as Pokemon, got together as one of them, namely an Eevee by the name of Josh knew this conflict of war had to end. So

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Interesting Spike Shippings · 8:14am Feb 23rd, 2013

So far I have found a lot of interesting fics with Spike being paired off with unlikely characters which is awesome. The ones I haven't exactly found that I have been trying too are Spike/Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon, Bon Bon, Lyra, Twist, and Hell even Luna. I hope some fan makes one where Spike gets each of them. Would make me happy cause then I know Spike was paired with basically every female. :D If any of ya find one of the ones I speakist of then please inform me, I will be extremely

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