• Published 4th Mar 2013
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Liquid Gold - animemetalhead

There's a bar in Manehattan where drinks aren't the only thing on the menu.

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I have not the time to read this at the moment being, but I will have to soon...

Hmm...Fluttershy :yay:

With my free hand, I rubbed her belly, now swollen from my anal assault. Vinyl kept spouting profanities while she rubbed herself, and I could feel her nearing another orgasm.

Hand? :applejackconfused:


GAH! I can't believe I missed that! Fixed.

Another chapter done well. May I suggest;

-Rainbow Dash coming in, hearing that Spitfire had a 'special drink' she liked to order.

-Lotus and Aloe

Special bonus chapters: Princess Celestia, Luna, and Cadance. Not all at the same time mind you

think i saw a porno like this once

I second this motion.

And this as well.

Okay, just gonna say doing that in the shower is smart, because once Vinyl stops clenching, there will be a pissy, shitty mess that no one can be payed enough to clean.

Haven't even read the chapter yet, and you just became my new favorite person.

EDIT: May I call you God?


Super Kami Guru allows this.

Have it with Applejack :yay: Fluttershy approves of this. And do Fluttershy too.

I'm for Fluttershy


It's been years since I got a Bravo Zulu. Thank you, good sir.

Y not try princess Luna,rainbow dash, or even fluttershy an ver good story so far looking forward to the next chapter

Why not try the mailmare?
You know the one.:derpytongue2:


This is what I thought sex was when I was ten.
The world needs more people like you, keep on

2210455 Because you have written much better mortal. Though most people would say "worse" instead of better.

I like this, this is my fetish. Yes the dreadlord has a watersports fetish, deal with it.

An interesting talent for your OC. :raritywink: The first two chapters were entertaining, but I'd like this even more if the mares got in a little pee action of their own. Maybe they could let him watch them relieve themselves before he "services" them. He doesn't seem to mind mopping up messes and he does have a master bathroom, and a sink behind the bar. :twilightsheepish: I'm going to keep my eye on this if nothing else, out of curiosity as to where you will take it. I'm not too big on pee drinking, but the rest is pretty good, even if he does tend to get a little carried away when, how shall we say...he "fills them up". :rainbowlaugh:

There's going to be a bit more "give and take," so to speak, in the next chapter. When I finally get around to it...

So that is your fetish, eh. :scootangel:

Though, it shouldn't seem too odd to see me here. Did you read my Cadence story, my Applejack story, and my 1st and 3rd Nurse Redheart stories? You'll find ponies peeing in all of those, as well as in my upcoming Rainbow Dash story. :twilightblush:

2445744urine aaannnddd rainbow dash :pinkiegasp:
Omigosh omigosh omigosh soooooo aawwweessssome:rainbowkiss:

>the Milkmare of Trottingham


2510171 Is on its way, I'm just unmotivated when it comes to my clop :twilightsheepish:

2510538 As long as you have a chapter with the mailmare:derpyderp1: at some point, I don't care how late it is.

I just wanted to be sure you haven't forgotten about the fic.

Hope to see next chapter soon :D

... Hello anyone there?

This thing getting updated?


3761320 I aaaaaaaaaGGGGGrrrrrrEEEEEEEEEEE

Trixie chapter please?

Good chapter do more

Good stuff.

Any chance of this coming back? It's really good.

I really hope you grace us with another chapter one day. This is literally the only story I have ever seen that has lemonade as a bodily fluid. I spent an hour digging through my favorites to find this story, just to reread it.

It's been almost 7 years since I first read this story, yet it is still just as good and unique as it was way back then. Thank you for writing it.

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