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Ponies are cute, beautiful and sexy creatures. Anyone that says other wise is either lying, or gay. Deal with it.

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Ah, heat. The perfect excuse for random, wanton, nonsensical rutting.

Oh, I'm not complaining, mind you. An entire world of females who just need to be humped, and me unable to impregnate them? As they say in the vernacular, "SHEEEEEE-YUUUUUUUTTT!!!!!"

Also helps that this is pretty well-written and pleasant to read. :twilightsmile:

I am ok with this. The dialogue is reminecent of bad porn flicks but at the same time it just makes the sexy time all the more hilarious. Continue good sir, continue.


Me gusta :rainbowwild:

Hey, just a quick comment -

"All mares in Equestria go through a very special time every now and again. In these stories, we will see a few lucky people who get to experience these moments forst hand."

Your short desc of this story still has "forst" instead of "first". Just a heads up!

Yay no one night stand but real relationships good for man !

It is spelled "exercises"

I love stories structured like this. I can't wait to read more of this wonderful, boner-inducing story. Keep up the great writing.

I hope Fluttershy doesn't break her human when she lets the beast loose in the bedroom. :yay:

Makes me wonder how much of a switch Trixie is, turning into a mewling submissive behind closed doors. :trixieshiftright:

Luna would just want to try everything, having missed out on the last 1000 years of sexual revolution. :twilightoops:

Pinkie Pie? Let's... not go there yet, for that way leads to madness. :pinkiecrazy:

Okay, This was the best thing I've read.
It was beautiful omfg <3

Another one of these stories? :facehoof: Why even bother with any storytelling? It's pointless sex because of the overused "I'm in heat fuck me silly." crap.

3168202 I am honest to god surprised to see you here. I watch all the videos you're in. You frighten me.
Little :twilightsheepish: Allie

wow this is well done


Now that was damned HOT!

3169048 Haha, Pinkie may lead to insanity, but I think I want to face the peril...

3169247 Why bother since these will always show up and peeps tend to watch for the sexiness. We all need sexiness stories time to time no?

3168382 Yep, terrible, cheesy words is a key element in sexy time stories:rainbowkiss:

3168383 rainbow Dash will be getting her own chapter. It will called: "Rainbow's Race"

3168654 Is see. Thanks for finding this flaw. I will remedy it. Just as soon as I am done punishing myself.:raritystarry:

3168855 Well damn. I blame my spell check. It is supposed to stop me from making little slips like this. It will need to be punished.

3169247 Yes, yes it is. Mwuahahaha!:pinkiecrazy:

3169048 Last I saw Pinkie Pie, she tried to to ride a unicorn's horn and suffered a mild concussion when a burst of magic launched her across the room. Pinkie clopfics tend to turn out this way :pinkiehappy:

3169478 We do, I agree sexiness is good, but this isn't sexiness :facehoof: It's using a cheap narration tool called heat to get the ponies to fuck the human blind.

Seriously? Another story where humans bang all the ponies? Downvote.

I'm sorry, but them being in heat is NOT a good excuse for writing this. And before you call me a clop hater, no, I have tons of clop stories favorite. But the ones I favorite actually have storylines to them. It's not "Oh we're in heat, please bang us, sexy human".

That's just a poor cop-out because you couldn't come up with an actual plot.

I remember seeing that in something as well. Have a link?

3170202 There is clop with plot and there is clop without plot :coolphoto: Not everyone has the time or the inspiration to write the full stories.

3170285 Yeah, and that's my point. Without a plot, this is NOT a story. It's just random humans fucking random ponies, and that is the worst kind of fic on the site.

3170292 I have seeen fics that had plot and turned out worse, believe me. :pinkiesick:

3169978 Well yeah I can understand ya point. Not much can be done about it.

this story is pretty good, even though the whole "mare in heat" plot device is a bit overdone. :scootangel:

3171000 "A blaze" (two words) would mean that they WERE fire, or the minecraft hostile mob. "Ablaze" (one word) means that they are ON fire, but aren't actually made of fire. I decided that the minecraft mob would be a better illustration of the point.



shows up twice. I'm guessing someone pressed the "I" and "O" key simultaneously.

In weal life do horses weally go mad needing to be scwooed?

I just love finding little spelling and grammar errors that completely change the meaning of a sentence, even though I still know what was actually meant!

Her pupils dilated to tiny specs,

Well, then. Since her pupils are now tiny spectacles, have an image:

3171064 I knew that 'riot' thing was going to come back and bite me in the ass. He was supposed putting to much emphasis on the 'i' part. I will go fix it. I missed the spec part though. Thanks though.

Not bad. You have my like. Time to check the next chapter

3171233 well, humans are considered animals......... But its usually so f**king unco-operative. :fluttershyouch:

And here I am on the dark side of Fimfiction. Mother fucker... :facehoof:

clopfic with Vinyl = my undying yes.

3171550 Don't worry. It's all good clean fun. Well... not really clean, due to the nature of the fic itself, but you get the picture. The headphone blaze thing was too good to pass up, and it gave me an excuse to actually post an image I made to the internet. You could use a proofreader, but there aren't too many huge mistakes.
Now, I want to go through a story that is actually poorly-written and make reaction images. It would probably end up like this:

Oh yeah. I'm not faving this simply because I don't want clop to show up in my favorites section. Otherwise, I probably would.

Kinda weird reading this since my name is also Eric :twilightblush:

Read it with honor son! This one's meant for you! :twilightblush:

3172307 Well well, aren't we the lucky one :raritystarry: Must be absolutely exhilarating to read a story where a mare as sexy as Vinyl is screaming out your name and telling you to do lovely things to her. It's like the ultimate 2nd person fic. I am jealous. :rainbowwild:

that was actually pretty sweet towards the end :3

Hi, welcome to the Dark Side! I'm your host, metroid_freak. Before we begin the tour, would you care for a complimentary chocolate chip cookie?

I remember that!

Nice fic BTW. Moar soon?

Whatever you are doing, good sir, keep doing it! :moustache:

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