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So basically, Medic's first ubercharge ended in a epic fail that somehow caused a wormhole to open sending him to Equestria? seems like an interesting concept. I'll be watching this.


Not too bad, but you seem to switch tenses every now and again. Other then that, it's pretty good.

Why does this have such a bad rating?
The only thing criticism I can make is that the heavy being named Viktor doesn't fit well, at least to me.

:pinkiecrazy: That Fanfic...
:moustache: Saxton Hale and Me approve this fanfic please keep up the good work my good sir.


loads of tf2 crossover recently, very recently.

I can't give you my opinion. To little to give me a full picture of the story.
However, the next chapter should have enough make me form an opinion. Looking foward to it:pinkiehappy:

You should add a description.

SAXXXTONNNNNN HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALE! Love the idea, just make sure you put tons of description in your story. and SPELL CHECK.

You laugh manically, replying, "I have NO IDEA!"

Should be I laugh manically, replying, "I have NO IDEA!" to keep with the first person.

I'd suggest that since you have Fluttershy discovering him, that you would have her compare him to a monkey. Most people seem to forget that she mentions monkeys in the Ticket Master.

I don't really know many Russian names :twilightblush: Would Dmitri or Stanislav be better :P
What did I spell wrong? :rainbowderp:
Edits, edits, edits.
Yeah I tended to do that. I will fix it immediately, though. :twistnerd:

Oh my lord, yes! It was the coverart that drew me in. LOL

140815 How about heavy? Heavy works too.

Guten tag. This is me, stealing all the fun of the first guy to read this chapter.


:eeyup: Eeyup.

"The Heavy and I had been buddies before this all started."
MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEH. :trixieshiftleft:
I dunno. :unsuresweetie:

Kind like saying,
"I know that one guy over there really well."
"What's his name?"

Wonderfull, i have a good feeling about this fic. But one tip:
Try to make your chapter bigger than 1,000 words. Little chapters are kind of a let down:pinkiehappy:

Bigger! Bigger than 8,000 words!

Your chapters are so small! They are so tiny! HA!

De ponnyy... It is so tiny!

Well let me just say that I am looking very forward to seeing more chapters, HOWEVER (Dun dun DUN) your chapters do need to be longer
What I can sugest is that you look at some very popular fics and look at how long they are. (chances are you already read a few since that is the only purpose of this site :derpytongue2:)

All in all I think this will be a good story in the future, "I'm guessing that heavy is enjoying himself so much because he is a brony and knows all about Equestria"


Low ratings make me depressed.:fluttercry:
Have mercy on my soul:scootangel:

WUNDERBAR another excellent page. I will say again that it needs to be longer but its not THAT big of a deal, the only problem with making short chapters is that the fans are going to be expecting short update times. Ha but listen to me I'm just criticizing, not good on my part, anyway keep up the good work


How many thousands do you want before you're sated?:flutterrage:
I will not accept 'Over 9000' as a legitimate answer.:ajbemused:
And besides, constructive criticism is a good thing.

My rating has slipped another .2 :duck:
That must mean... Everyone hates me.:fluttershbad:
Excuse me, I have to go drink myself to death.:heart:

I admit you are doing quite well on this,I will most certainly be tracking it now.:pinkiehappy:


I'd suggest removing the final author's note and the Trollestia image.


SO! when will medic hack ponys apart...FOR SCIENCE!

I even fail at trying to be funny:raritycry:
Soon, meine bekannte, soon...:coolphoto:
4.0 rating? To quote M. Bison, "YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEEESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Ha! I knew it! Heavy is Brony!

Ahhh cliff-hanger!:pinkiegasp: still this is Bucking awesome and I absolutely can't wait to see what happens next! :pinkiehappy:
I will now patiently wait for the next update.:pinkiesad2:

146891 Let me fix that! *Adds five stars* Done!

Lyra gonna jump heavy and medic!!!!!!

Best tf2 fic evar! I wonder if the other classes are going to show up! :D

RarityXspah! :trollestia:

Lyras dream come true and heavys dream come true WILL THERE BE ANYMORE STAY TUNED

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