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After the Cutie Mark Crusaders accidentally reawaken GLaDOS, {redacted} happens. Will {name redacted} be able save Equestria by {redacted} before its too late, or will {redacted} Nightmare Moon {redacted)? Oh, and there was this one hilarious part where {name redacted} through an Aperture Science Intra-dimenshional portal right into a {redacted} and {redacted} all over the test chamber! That was great. Hmm it seems that the Aperture Science censorship protocol is acting up again. I'll just have to fix that while you read this fan-fiction.

A Portal / portal 2 cross over, if you somehow have played portal or portal 2 and haven't figured this out.

the story takes place a few decades after portal 2.

Despite the state of the facility initially, it is not a retelling of the second portal game.

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five track fave

Wheatley? Wheatley!
This looks interesting, and I'll definitetly be keeping an eye on this. Two comments:

1. Sorry to say, but Wheatley isn't that bad. He's hardly a genius, and often has bad ideas, but he knows how to talk, and can remember things (like words he hears) flawlessly.
2. Wheatleys' opinion of humans was only like that when he was attached to Apertures mainframe, at the ending, he expresses unhappiness at the things he did.

A millennium on the moon and Luna fails to notice a portal opening up and leaving GLaDOS there.

Dear god. If Pinkie Pie got her hooves on a portal gun...
But other than that, this is freaking awesome! We will being seeing Chell right?

“Howdy there pretty ladies,” the new comer said in an accent not wholly unlike the one Apple family spoke in. “Name’s Rick. I am an Adventure sphere. Now did I hear somebody say something about an adventure?”
The adventure sphere and CMC???

::trollestia: this pleases us :trollestia:

tracking :pinkiehappy:

238253 now revealing either of those things would spoil the surprise now wouldn't it?


rick the kickass adventure sphere :rainbowwild:

cant wait for glados to return

this is still awesome

244314 I am GLaD to hear that.

Common GLaDOs... Wake up already...

244339 I see what you did there

Rick the adventure sphere. Oh my gosh, that was hillarious. "Ow! OW! OW! HOT!" "Why yes! Yes you are!":rainbowlaugh: I love this guy.Well, it seems that tracking this wasn't a bad idea? Nah I'm kidding, of course it was a good idea, I'd love to see this Portal-MLP crossover continue.

~Morning Dart

Wheatley's personality (no pun intended XD) is very well-done, I was laughing so hard at the exchange between him and Luna.
Oh man, I'm gonna like this one :D

Rick is a pretty cool Personality Core. He hits on fillies and doesn't afraid of anything.
I'm eagerly awating the next update, GLaDOS!

“What’s more you killed somepony!”

Wait wait what?!

*reads that part of chapter 1 again*

Who did Rick kill?! And if he killed somepony then why is everybody acting like nobody's dead? There should be screaming and crying... Not getting all excited about adventure.

Do you mean "What if you had killed somepony?" ...'cause there's a big difference.

oops that should have been could have killed somepony. thanks for noticing that. I need to get some proof readers...

Dear god ja-i mean GLaDOS you got a real good story here! And the vector you did instead of paying attention in chemistry is Smashing. 5 stars for you!:pinkiehappy:
although your chapters are painfully short (I NEED MOAR) cuz i read fast. But whatever pace suits you!

The yellow is way too bright

274081 unfortunately that is the problem with colors on Fim fiction, you don't have a ton of options. I will likely change Wheatley's lines to the darker blue. I may switch who the color orange is assigned to regularly represent (orange goes to whoever has more lines in the chapter, yellow to who has fewer), since those two colors represent GLaDOS and the Space Core, I don't see how people could really confuse them much.

it would be better to have it all black.....i cant read this it hurts my eyes:fluttershysad:

couldnt you just make space cores "Space voice" a bold version of the colour your using instead of yellow?

also bold black seems more menacing, wouldnt that fit glados better? (cos right now i can only read the yellow lines by highlighting them)

also you put one of space cores paragraphs in wheatly blue :trollestia:

Try setting the background from white to black in the settings tab.

Hey man can i ask you to be a prereader for my new fic? I know that you are good with grammer so I would like you to point out, as rudely as you wish, all grammatical errors. That is if you want to...
(reconciliation is the name)

Nitpicking a bit:
“You can’t be sad about the whole “not in

space thing I mean we were in space for thousands of years, (well I really don’t know

how long it was),” Wheatley voice dropped any anger[...]

I don't get the colors in, but the first part is supposed to be blue. You also forgot to the " after thing.

"Indeed I can beautiful," said the sphere. "I am also skilled at the arts of jujitsu, taikwondo, karate, larate, and bedroom."

That line made my day...


I'm GLaD to here it!
that was actually the first line of Rick's I almost completely ripped off from portal though, so I can't take full credit. However I only noticed it myself after going through the final fight for about the third time.

Wow, Rick hit on Rarity. Good thing that a personality sphere x unicorn relationship is virtually impossible with Rarity's understanding of fashion, too.


Lol I actually know someone who kinda tried to do what your profile pic depicts Well they were the pilot, and lets say it didn't end up pretty for anyone involved.

Yellow is to bright, try using orange please.

I kinda feel like having the CMC (especially Sweetie Belle) swear is out-of-character as they act somewhere from 8 to 10 years old.

329930 all they said was hell, right?
or am i missing something

329636 change the settings to dark. in the top right while you are reading the fic

330652 Yeah, that's all they said. It just seems OOC for them, especially Sweetie Belle.

Switched it to hockey sticks

It's Applejack, not Apple Jack :ajbemused:
"whispering in order to be herd over the sound" - Uhh...
"no small feat considering Pony’s are" - :facehoof:
"light panel that was the things eye looked around" - I can has apostrophe?
You forgot to color the "Mutant Horse" part blue
"Damn It Wheatly!" - It's spelled Wheatley
"Oh your blue but don’t seem to be chocking" - you're and choking
"if you were I mean its not like I have hands" - :pinkiecrazy: APOSTROPHE?
238584 a.deviantart.net/avatars/t/e/tealcindeedplz.jpg

"Can’t control were I land" - where
"managed to pull this parachute into rick and fold it" -
"Hell if pony’s can talk anything is possible." - :ajbemused:
"Which… is.. perfect for our bag of fire experiment!" - It's not colored green :pinkiegasp:
"No you won’t!” the orange earth pony commanded." - There is no opening quotation mark here :raritydespair:
"Hey Why does she get to go" - Random capital letter!
"know where they keep bucket’s around here" - You don't need an apostrophe here
"smoke from the fire rick made when he burned" - :trixieshiftright:
"With out another word. Both the remaining crusaders" - This would be better as one sentence. Also, "without" is one word
"Why did you have to go and to that?" - :rainbowderp:
"good buy until whenever later is" - bye
"Well you never seeing ‘Rick’ again!" - :rainbowhuh:
"“But what about Twilight Sparkle?” Sweetie belle asked." - :unsuresweetie:

"Names Rick, I’m an adventure Sphere." - :applejackunsure:
"Your suppose to be in space how did you" - You're
"Central Ai restart failure Comment has exceeded maximum length" - Miss a period?
"reminded the personality core that it was the begging of a looong day" - Did you mean beginning
"It was designed to bath the Night Princesses balcony" - bathe and Princess' (or Princess's if you really want to do that)
"though Luna actually liked to quality light it made" - :rainbowhuh:
"other ponies call it “harsh light” that she assumed the light it made must somehow" - The double space has been doubled!
"Hey pony. Space. Gues what, Hey hey pony." - :applejackunsure:
"Luna didn’t hear the cores last sentence" - :derpyderp2:
"just thought I was in Space because their was this space pony" - there
"but this core things never heard of me before" - APOSTROPHE? APOSTROPHE! :pinkiecrazy:
"No of course it's not true... " - This is missing the opening quotation mark :fluttershysad:
"Ok It's true" - Random capital letter :trollestia:
"Iteven doesn't make any sense!" - :trixieshiftleft:
"If you were going to jam a building full of buttons, why no jam it full buttons that do" - :trixieshiftright:
"they told you that Unicorn’s and Pegesi were myths" - :pinkiesick:
"And no,I never heard of or seen humans before" - Hey, miss a word?
"locked away for a thousand years,and it not out of the question that" - Uhh.. yeah...
Okay, this story is bothering me too much, bye! :moustache:


"okay, this story is bothering me too much, bye"

Aww. but you're like the best Prereader ever!

A large portion of those errors can be attributed to my dyslexia, by the way, but thanks for pointing all that out. You're comments are the first helpful comments I have gotten in a while

Oh and Random Capitalization is one of those nasty habits I have, it's caused more by muscle memory than anything else.

"You're comments are" - Your :trixieshiftright:
"whil.e" - :rainbowhuh:


I suppose I can read the rest of this once I'm done reading about Spike raping Twilight :twilightsmile:

Horses are an extinct primitive form of pony.

Also, RATMAN IS HERE???? Aw hell nigga!

no pressure......except you may be the cause of the end of the world if you fail:trollestia:

Oh, my. This is... This is... THIS IS AWESOME!

GLaD you liked it, don't worry I'm still writing new chapters.

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