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It's 1937, and Daring Do is at it again in this brand-new adventure. This time she must team up with old and new allies as she travels around the globe to track down the location of a lost empire buried beneath the desert sands for millennial. Things get heated once she realizes that she is not alone in this quest: an international group of raiders has their eyes set on claiming the big prize, and will go to great lengths to eliminate the competition. Thrills, chills and death-defying feats await Daring Do and her companions in this adventure.

If adventure has a name, it MUST be Daring Do!

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Not bad. I've already recommended this elsewhere.

Just love that 'Doctor Do in the classroom picture'. Let me guess - this is Rainbow Dash reading Scootaloo the story and thus changing the name of Daring's #1 assistant and fan appropriate to her audience. :rainbowlaugh:


You know, that's an interesting way of thinking about it.

The name "Scootaround" is a pun on Scootaloo and Short Round. Kinda like how Daring Do looks like Rainbow Dash. :rainbowwild:

Let me just say that I love how Saddle Arabia ended up being canon

Well, this was really good. It was nice that the characters were travelling some more. It felt much more like an adventure then the last story.

If I may express just one small gripe, it's that parts of the story read as if they were written with humans in mind. There were no unicorns, no pegasi (except for Daring and Scootaround, of course. Oh, and that one pony who ended up calling a doctor) and the locations resembled those of our world a little too much at times. Not to mention that nearly all traps seem to be designed to be triggered by earth ponies. And occasionally you talked about some ponies' complexions, as if their coat didn't cover their skins from head to hoof.

I also half expected some leftover members of a long forgotten civilization looking for a heir to their throne to seek out Daring. After all, wouldn't she make the "perfect" queen after overcoming the Trials of Zenith? :rainbowlaugh: Haha. Oh well, can't have everything. :raritywink:

But again, nice story. I enjoyed it very much. And Scootaround should definitely lean on random walls much more often. She'd find more hidden passages in ten minutes than Daring in her whole life. :scootangel:

During this chase sequence, I had the Indiana Jones theme playing in my head. It probably started when Daring used her grandfather's whip. :rainbowdetermined2:

It wouldn't be an Indiana Jones... no, sorry a Daring Do adventure if, at the end, the bad guys weren't destroyed by the artefacts that they prized but never understood and certainly never respected.

Scoots comes over the fence and the griffons don't notice. She and Daring spend hours hacksawing the grate open, completely undisturbed, and the griffons don't notice. But they know practically immediately when she leaves her cell? Do they have some sort of detector which tells them which cells have life signs in them, and no other security whatsoever?

This is the secret police, open up immediately!

Do you think I'm stupid? You just announced yourself, so you're not secret, so you're lying, so obviously you're just some robbers hoping to take advantage of my gullibility. Well I'm not going to fall for it.

She had a reddish bow tie around the neck of this to complete the look, and the effect was a pony that looked nothing like the one seen crawling through dungeons.

The appearance said "dungeons and dragons" more than "dungeon diver."
Well somebody had to say something along those lines, and I don't see any other volunteers.

Professor Do, what relevance does this have to what we're studying? I feel like a bunch of ponies yelling at each other doesn't really relate...

I like you. You're stupid, and you're not afraid to flaunt it.
For the slower members of the class (like you), that was sarcasm.

Just how long did Starswirl live in your canon? He had at least one student before the formation of Equestria, and was still going strong several hundred years later. Is he still alive today?

Scoots messes everything up every time she comes along to an archeological site. It's ridiculous!

Oh, those pegasi and their balsa wood wings. They're so silly.

And the moral of the story is: don't steal a getaway vehicle for immediate use if you don't know how to control it.

FYI, just over fifty is the top speed of a racehorse, which makes it considerably faster than the top speed of (non-racing) ponies pulling a loaded cart, particularly if they doesn't want to be too exhausted to continue after half a mile.

I'm sure Dusty would be quite grateful if you could bring back reputable proof that you were attacked by velociraptors. This could be a huge discovery.
I suppose you'll have to aim to survive, in that case.

They sure can jump Daring thought to herself. She was questioning the decision to bring the pair of them up here now if the raptors were able to get up onto the roof.

You do remember that you saw one on a roof five minutes ago, right? How could you not know they can get onto roofs?

It's very convenient how they can't break through the wooden door into the attic of this building, even though they took down the door into the sheriff's office pretty easily and were making good progress on getting through the thick metal bars of the cell before their prey ran off.

And here I was expecting Edgewise to have been murdered just a day or two ago. Clearly, I need to get my brain calibrated.

Going alone always ends badly.

Are they speaking Equestrish or English? Make up your mind.

I've got a feeling that Daring won't be entirely keen on seeing Burly . . . but I'm sure it'll be fine in the end.

I wish you had done a better job of describing that last chamber and the events therein. It was not very clear.

You’ll be more full of holes than swiss cheese... no, I’ll go further, the legs of a changeling!

And now we know that repeating a non-cliched simile sounds bad. Unless it's just the awkward phrasing.

With that, the spots of light began vanishing as CAP purposely began plugging the vent holes. Not that they would have done any good anyways, they were too small for an entire pony to fit through.

You're so insulting to the vents. They were contributing. They offered to have Daring die relatively slowly and I assume rather unpleasantly from thirst, but for some reason CAP would rather have her peacefully fall asleep as the oxygen runs low, and never wake up.

Oh, don't worry. Flying a plane is easy. Except for taking off and landing, but I'm sure you can avoid doing those sorts of things until you have a suitable amount of experience.

Use lethal force if possible.

That's harsh, man.

I warned you about stairs bro!!!!!! I also warned you about how Scoots always breaks ancient things. Every time. Except in Stalliongrad; she had to give Audacity a turn. But now he's had his fun, and the world can go back to its proper order.

A spy in every camp! How fair.

How is the powder already used up in the pillar room, but not the earlier flamethrower room or the even earlier grate room? Is there somepony who comes around to refill the supplies, but who is afraid to go past the light corridor? Did some adventurer teleport past some of the rooms and then traverse the rest normally?

I see this is going to end with a demonstration of the curse. It's unfortunate for CAP that Elise didn't bother to actually listen while listening. You'd think that professional grave robbers would be more careful about not getting cursed.

And that is why you remember to always sabotage the vehicles you aren't stealing.

I see somebody has heard the stories about how the "never bring a knife to a gun fight" scene was originally written.

I wonder what Burly and Scoots would have seen in the shadows if they had come down?

Anyway, time to guide CAP to their deaths. Have fun!

I bring about the brunt of the curse. Beware my presence and make me not company

Don't step on or next to the raptor tiles.
Okay, yeah, the raptors were kind of a wild guess, but that doesn't mean Daring or the Arabians got the riddle right. It's clearly specifying which tiles not to step on, not which ones are right.

Apparently it's too much to ask for the curse to strike CAP down before they start shooting ponies?

I don't know for sure, but I don't think that a pool of petroleum would actually explode very well. Burning requires oxygen, after all, which is not present below the surface of the pool, and while it's possible that volatile components would have accumulated in the chamber, my gut says that they would have spread throughout the tomb for the most part, and seeped out the cracks, and would no longer be present in any significant quantities.

Very nice, but I don't think 'Elise' died given the obscurity that was around her, especially with the fact that you left her true identity hanging. Like how you did it with Gwindor, I've got a feeling she's going to be back, her once beautiful visage not all in one piece, and is going to get a bit more personal from now on with our protagonist.

I keep on hearing George Lucus's music when I'm reading these stories! :pinkiehappy:

The truck was beating a steady path towards a rather secluded facility. Just around the corner from the grassy meadow was a rather thick coniferous forest, the sunlight cutting through the thick trees intermittently to reflect off the green surface of the vehicle.

How come you used two rathers?

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