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This story is a sequel to Survival of the Cyberponies

When the TARDIS crashes into the TARDIS from the past, an old Doctor and the newest Doctor come face to face. Something is not right, and the current Doctor can feel it. An old enemy threatens a village of ponies, and the Doctor discovers the truth about the Bad Wolf.

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 10 )

First time in a while I've submitted a story before it's complete, but someone suggested I do so.

I shall continue updating as I finish chapters!

this seems like a promising story. good start.

Not bad! But here's a question: If it is the Age of reptiles and birds, where did the Silurians get all their fur clothes?

I knew there was a reason I liked 9.


Good catch, will fix.

i had a feeling that the scene with the dalek felt a bit familiar. a bit too familiar. looks like i was right in my assumption. i liked the concept of your valeyard too and your thinking of how good ol' ninth would have turned out if he wasn't stopped from killing that dalek.

That was excellent. I very nice twist and a lovingly crafted story. It does lack some passion, but all the same, very enjoyable for fans old and new. The Sixth Doctor has always been a favourite.


- Infinite

I love this series. Great fic!
...also, great name:ajsmug:

Ok, from what I've read in the first few chapters, you happen to be a very big Whovian. You happen to know of Shada, The Mind Robber, Time and the Rani, and several other Doctor Who moments that others (unless they have read or watched it somewhere) wouldn't exactly get.

You sir are brilliant, and you bring the sense of Doctor Who to Equestria, making it a brilliant story.

Keep up the good work.
-The Character

P.S: My gift to you. Watch the video made by Babelcolour

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