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Daring Do has hit a snag. After attempting to reclaim the crown that once belonged to Princess Platinum of Unicornia she finds herself betrayed, endangered, and left with no prize to show for all of her efforts. At the request of Celestia herself, Daring sets off to reclaim the artifact from whomever scooped it up, which leads to grave danger! Daring must make an unlikely ally if she is to discover the new owner of the Platinum crown, and then recover it.

If adventure has a mane....... it MUST be Daring Do!

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Ah, so nice. :rainbowkiss: Some spelling mistakes here and there (like the chapter named "Gyphons") but nothing too jarring. The escape in the last chapter felt a bit too easy for me though, especially since Daring considered the situation to be hopeless just a few seconds prior. But that's just a minor gripe. :derpytongue2:

That deus ex machina there was a little too quick for me, otherwise an enjoyable tale.

Here's a tip, Ahuizotl: if you want to forgo the complicated traps and get rid of Daring once and for all, have one of your many feline minions rip her throat out. Trust me on this, she won't escape from that one after you all leave.

So this is before Curse of the Lost Tomb, then? I shall keep that in mind. Perhaps it is also before Ivory Idol? That would explain why Scoots hasn't butted in yet.

Parlez-vous prançais?

Non. Pero, todavía hablo esreiñol algún, y generalmente éso es suficiente.

Ah. Sounds like it's time to go to Carpathia and meet a certain orange pickpocket.

She reached into her jacket pocket for her pistol

I don't remember you mentioning that existing before.

If Daring is going to keep using a fake name, she has got to work on recognizing when ponies don't buy it. You'd think she would have learned after last time.

Hey, Scoots. Nice to see you.

A sofa was being moved across the cobblestone street, and Daring was forced to leap up and over it, just as a shot rang out from the ponies pursuing her, tearing a chunk out of the mattress much to the owner’s fury.

It's a superposition of a sofa and a bed! Amazing!

It's a good thing Daring forgot to not trust Scoots. That would have ended poorly.

It's lucky that they found those pears, considering ponies are incapable of digesting any plant material other than fruit.

Scoots, you're being too subtle. Daring's not going to catch the hint if that's the best you can do.

Do all griffon names start with the letter "g"?

That submarine hatch sure can be opened and closed quite quickly, if Dusty can spare the air to secure it and then some random soldier can get it open again before Dusty can even move away.

I stand corrected. Daring can take that hint.

Nice opening, I can just hear the theme as she flies off into the horizon.:rainbowdetermined2:

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