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Bed time stories based off the MLP:FiM Universe.

The tags change from story to story, but are mostly these four.

These were my first ventures into Fanfiction.

They are aimed at 'foals'

Upon A Shooting Star: A young colt's wish goes haywire and he sets out on an adventure to undo it.

The Spoiled Filly: A spoiled filly learns her lesson.

The Lost Ball: Two young foals parents venture into the forest to retrieve the older filly's ball and fail to return.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 17 )

Also, twas good. POST MOAR.

What a cute little Colt. :rainbowkiss: I understand its supposed to be geared as a bed time story, so it sounds great.

It was a good story, but I did catch a couple of typos. Also, I love the picture you chose for the story.

Because of the picture, I pictured overprotective Celestia treating Luna like a foal, and reading this to her as a bedtime story.:derpytongue2:

is this part a little bear parody?
i like it.

The Salesmare must be found and killed, very slowely, how dare she do this.
She will pay.:moustache:

you're actually sticking up for the spoilt filly?:rainbowhuh:
(also the salesmare is zecora)

Dam zebra's changing messing with people's heads to change them to suit their needs, EVIL.

It was a nice story, but I think it would be more entertaining if she was in control of her actions the whole time.

OK I know many Germanic bed time story's but the problem is they all end badly so uhhhh do you really want to hear them

Oh oh! Ponify all of the top five most popular bedtime stories :pinkiehappy::fluttershyouch::ajsmug::rainbowkiss::raritywink::twilightsmile::yay::twistnerd:


All of these were written before season one was over, so no.

How about a rich pony who had everything and then passed a homeless pony on the street and the poor pony asked "can I please have but two bits to feed my family?" but the rich one said "why should I? If you cannot get it yourself then you do not deserve it!" Then the begger said "within the week you will learn five lessons that show you the error of your ways" and then the poor pony hobbled off. (How about that for a story idea huh?)

Thank you for these stories. They were truly heartwarming and lovely. I would be delighted it you decided to take it upon yourself to write more in the future.

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