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The Equestrian Wasteland is a harsh place, unforgiving and cruel. It breaks you down and tears you apart, and there's nothing you can do except hold as tightly as you can to the few good things in your life.

What if you were given a second chance? A life away from the violence, the pain and the fear? Could you even imagine such a thing?What kind of place could offer something like that?

A place where war is just a word in history books.
A place where the skies are as clear and pure as the hearts of ponykind.
A place where Friendship is Magic.

But... When a group of Wasteland Souls appear, will this world be able to deal with them? And will they be able to deal with a world that doesn't want them dead?

Join Caravan Lily, Whiskey Rose, Shot Glass and Ibis, as they embark on their greatest adventure yet: Living a normal life.


A non-canon spin-off of Fallout Equestria - Wasteland Bouquet.
Read that first, to get the most enjoyement out of this little fic.
Cutie Marks on the cover by Sirhcx.

WARNING: Fic contains minor spoilers for Wasteland Bouquet.

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Wasn't this... already on here...?

1979250 Different story, same characters. This is a time-travel side-fic, a spin-off of Wasteland Bouquet.:twilightblush:
I should have used a noticably different cover art, but that's all I had at the time. I'll change it when I get the chance.

i think the strange purple pony iss hmmm i know big mac right?

I say it's cheerlie. And good job. Been wiating for this.

Oh no. Twilight, be careful. These are killers. Well, most of them are, anyway.

Oh hey Twi! Weren't you busy being a part of a horrific monster that telepathically controls other monsters?

By the way, is this Fallout Equestria's past Ponyville, or did Lily get them to jump timelines and they're in a parallel universe?

1984409 It's Pre-War Equestria. Going by the FoE timeline, the group ended up roughly twenty years before the war is meant to begin.

Oh dear. The Mane Six can't find anything out about where they're from. Considering how fucked up the whole world became because of them... Then again, trying to avert it could make it happen anyway.

1984472 Not to worry, Rose has a plan!:twilightsmile:

They are definitely worse ways to go than Death by Snu-Snu.

2094217 Alternate endings:
1: A battle-royal between the original Rose and the copies.
2: The world's largest and most spontaneous patty-cake tournament.
3: The clones go on an unstoppable pub crawl/bar brawl crusade, reducing countless bars, pubs and taverns to dry zones in a march that would go down in history.

I think I made the right choice.:moustache:

The Temperance Crusade: The Whiskey Rose Chapter.

Very nice!

...Also, I'm becoming quite curious about who Shot Glass is. But you writing more of Wasteland Bouquet means not writing more of this... or writing about what happened to Little Fillydelphia...
I think that I'll just settle for looking forward to whichever one you work on.

Makes it all the more depressing when Paradise becomes Hell.

...Why does this story have only seven other upvotes?

2333781 I'm confident that when it kicks off and gets into the actual story, it'll get some more attention.:twilightblush:

Golly, this looks familiar...:rainbowhuh:

*Goes back through weeks of messages*


Only in Rose's mind: Crowd of Ponies ----> Grenade.

So, I suppose the only "issue" would be pacing. It glossed over some situations a bit too much. There could've been more to the Princess encounter, mostly in the form of everypony's reactions to the adventures. I'd assume that most, if not all, involved death. Even to Luna and Celestia, the sort of death that happens in the Wasteland might seem shockingly casual.

2522782 When I've had more practice writing the canon characters, I'll come back to this and rework it.:twilightblush:

Shot Glass was the one that wanted to blow everypony up.:rainbowlaugh:

Now I fear for Pinkie's safety.

...So not only am I the first to comment, the story still has only twelve votes (all up, at least)? I recommend the Bouquet stories where I can, but unfortunately that doesn't seem to be doing much good.

3628642>>3628791 Maybe if I actually updated from time to time...:twilightblush:

3628903 So, given that I'm gonna have to write off Fading Echoes as a total loss, got any interest in working together or some such thing on this particular fic? May help it update more often.:twilightsheepish:

3632280 Damn, I liked Fading echoes.:fluttercry:
Sure.:twilightsmile: Guest chapters, sitting in on the editing, brainstorming, what were you thinking?

3633149 Whatever you're comfortable with. If it's sitting in a GDoc, reviewing a chapter, whatever.

3633149 can we ever get a clop fic of them plz!!!!!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry:

5154476 Rose and Ibis clopfic, or Rose and Lily clopfic?:trollestia:

5154493 just give us some clop already!!!

5155669 :rainbowlaugh: I've actually had a Wasteland Bouquet clopfic in the works for about a week or so.

6671238 Magpie's adopted filly. She hasn't shown up in Wasteland Bouquet yet.

Given one small change, Equestria would have been a much better place. Warning Celestia and Luna about the pink cloud bomb that had been smuggled into Canterlot, which killed the two princesses.

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