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Updates · 8:22pm Jul 28th, 2021

So, update status on Project Hive and Wasteland Bouquet, and some real-world projects that have been eating up my time.

Project Hive: I swear I had a chapter in progress, but I can't find it after not working on it for a couple of months due to IRL stuff. I think it's on my computer, and not the laptop I normally write on, but where I might have saved it is a mystery.

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Happy New Year! · 1:39pm Dec 31st, 2020

2020 is out, 2021 is in! Happy New Years to one and all!:pinkiehappy:

Here's to the new year, all you wonderful people, and hopefully actually getting something written for once.:rainbowlaugh:

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Friendship is Magic: The Movie Review · 6:20am Dec 19th, 2019

Well, I finally did it. All the stuff that's kept me crazy busy or just plain unable to focus on the many, many things I had going on, and I got the time to finish watching Friendship is Magic.


It's been a long, mostly wonderful ride all these years, and while I'm sad to see the series finish, the ending was great and the epilogue (the final episode) was a great way to wrap things up.

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Writing Tips #1 - World Building, Prologues & Setting The Scene · 8:10am Feb 3rd, 2019

World Building, Prologues & Setting The Scene

An examination of two opening chapters

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I Saw That Coming · 11:04am Jun 29th, 2018

So, a few minutes agao I was playing with my new BB gun (a spring-powered revolver), happily bouncing the little plastic BBs off a piece of paper. A large spider crawls out of the cupboard. Wolf spider, or something similar. Horrible crawling biteyness. Not something you want running up your leg.:twilightoops:

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Fun in the Real World! · 4:02pm May 2nd, 2018

Anyone who read the author's note in the last chapter of Project Hive will know I'm headed out to an event this weekend, and I've been working on my gear for it for months (which is why fic updates have been so slow). Here's the details, in case anyone is able to go!

It's the Gumeracha Medieval Fair!

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Updates About Updates · 1:32pm Oct 27th, 2017

Updates About Updates, a look at Fallout 4 & what FiM Season 7 means for Project Hive and Wasteland Bouquet

Settle in, folks, this might be a long one.:twilightsheepish:

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The Book of Blackhoof · 2:11am Dec 4th, 2016

Well, the last chapter didn't reach the big reveal I'd planned, where one of the greatest secrets in all of Wasteland Bouquet was meant to be unveiled.
That'll come in the next chapter, and I'll be able to do the Starfall character spotlight then. For now, though, here's the translated page about Starfall from the Book of Blackhoof!:pinkiehappy:

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Unortunate Delays · 2:55am Nov 8th, 2016

Got myself a new laptop the other day, since this one's not doing all that well despite only being a few months old. It's missing keystokes when I type at anything faster than one per second, which is why the last few chapters of Hive haven't been up to the usual quality.:twilightblush:

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Starfall Teaser · 12:55pm Aug 30th, 2016

I'm working hard on the next chapter of Wasteland Bouquet, even with all the projects and things getting in the way of my writing time.
When that chapter's up, I'll release the character spotlight for Starfall, revealing everything about the long-running mystery of who and what she is, and just what her role in things really is... including things that have been hinted at through the story so far!:trollestia:

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