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Ponyville Bouquet - Cascadejackal

Experimental technology, repairs made under fire and a less-than-focused mare hitting the big red button. What could go wrong? Join the cast of Wasteland Bouquet as they find themselves, quite literally, living in the past.

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Chapter 5: Party

---CHAPTER 5: Party---


Whiskey Rose


The Pink One.

It was responsible for the invasion, for the riot of noise and color, for the miasma of sickening, sugar-sweet emotions I was unwillingly immersed in.

They called it a Welcome Party. Mares, stallions, even fillies and colts had gathered to welcome us to their town, with gifts and offers of friendship freely extended.

It would live forever as one of the most uncomfortable moments of my life.

Lily took the brunt of their attention, slightly overwhelmed but far more capable of dealing with strange ponies than myself. She accepted gifts and introductions with ease, chatting and laughing while I attempted to excuse myself as politely as possible.

Moving through the room was… difficult, the crowd pressing in on me, ponies speaking, laughing, making every attempt to be friendly. Some ponies asked where we’d come from, apparently believing we’d been travelling in the Badlands, beyond Equestria’s borders. I kept my answers brief, moving steadily towards Ibis, whose size made the Ponyville ponies just nervous enough to give him some room.

I found my griffin beside a table, trying to coax an agitated filly from under the shelter without much luck.

“Come on, Shot. It’s not so bad.” He lowered his head towards her, only to pull back as she swiped at him, growling.

“No!” The little grey filly stomped, and Ibis sighed. I nuzzled him, and he returned the gesture.

“Shot doesn’t like being near so many ponies.” I blinked at the scowling filly. “Isn’t that right?” Her glare was answer enough. “Do you want to go outside?” She nodded sullenly. “Come on, then.”

As the filly darted out from the safety of the table to hide beneath my legs, Ibis ran his beak through my mane with a sigh. “She’s been under there since we came in.”

I buried my face against his feathers affectionately. “I know. She doesn’t like it here.”

“I’ll tell Lily we’re going out, grab something to eat from the gift baskets.”

I shook my head, moving back so I could look my boyfriend in the eye. “No. Stay with Lily, make sure she doesn’t say anything to change the future. I’ll bring Shot back when everypony is gone. Alright?”

He nodded. “Alright.”

With that, I kissed him, giving Shot a small bop on the head for making faces before turning to leave, the filly doing her best to keep me between herself and the other ponies. I ignored the stares and curious looks directed towards myself and Ibis; it was no concern of mine what they thought of our relationship.


I took Shot Glass to the park we’d visited while in the hospital, spreading my duster on the ground for us to lay on. The night air was cool against our coats, but not unpleasant, and we simply watched the world at rest without speaking.

It seemed so unreal. The clear sky above, with thousands of stars, more than I could count, each glittering point a tiny marvel embroidered on the black velvet of eternity. In the middle of it all, drifting from horizon to horizon, like a great eye watching over us all, was Luna’s moon.

It was truly a gift, one these ponies didn’t seem to appreciate.

I looked out across the silverlit park, and listened to my little sister breathing beside me. It was calming, like a dream, and best of all… we were alone, no other ponies around. Without them, I could finally hear myself think.

What should I do? I wondered. Should I really let things be?

There was no answer, the silence in my mind deafening. It had been that way since I had first woken up in the Ponyville hospital. Starfall, the voice in my mind, was… gone. For the first time in so many years, I was without guidance. It felt… strange. Frightening.

A grumble came from my stomach, the first stirrings of hunger. We hadn’t had anything to eat while exploring the town, and I regretted not sampling the food at the party. As it was, our new house remained filled with merry ponies, and I would rather bear the discomfort than immerse myself in that crowd again.

Of course, there were always alternatives. I eyed the green grass, contemplating it. It was everywhere, blanketing the park, the town, and the surrounding countryside. Surely there was no harm in taking some from public property, where it was grown for all to enjoy?

I took a small mouthful of the grass, chewing slowly. It was quite bland, but it lacked the bitter aftertaste inherent to the wasteland scrub, and was filling enough.


“Hmm?” I turned to Shot Glass, swallowing. “Yes?”

The filly scuffed her hoof into the ground. “I hate this place.”

“I know.”

“Do we really hafta stay here? I wanna go home.”

“So do I, Shot. I’ll ask Twilight Sparkle if there’s a way home tomorrow.”

“‘Kay.” She scooted closer, so she could rest her head on my foreleg. “Rose?”

I nuzzled her mane. “Mmm?”

“The Goddesses were really pretty, weren’t they?”


“Do you think they’ll ever come back?”

I paused in my nuzzling, thinking of what to say. “One day, they will. We showed them there are still good ponies, and that we’re waiting. They’ll come back. They have to.”

“Okay…” Shot yawned, burying her face against my chest. “Let’s go home soon… I really miss my mommy…”

“I know, Shot… I know.”

I stayed still, letting the filly fall asleep, the tension draining from her as she slipped into the Sandmare’s realm. She needed the rest, and our home was still under the Pink One’s occupation.

With a sigh, I rested my head on her small form. We had seen the Goddesses themselves, been blessed with Celestia’s embrace, witnessed their ancient, divine power over Sun and Moon, and I knew that, even now, Luna watched us from above. I prayed that She would watch over Shot’s dreams, and offer the filly some measure of peace and comfort, as far from home as we were.

Something croaked nearby, and I raised my head, eyeing the intruder with disgust. As far from home as we were, some things never changed. A slimy, hopping monstrosity approached, bounding, propelled by its hideous legs, its vile, staring eyes unblinking. It opened its maw, making that stomach-churning noise, and I grabbed a stick in my magic, raising it in a clear threat that even the simple-minded amphibian should have understood.

“Go away.”

The frog ignored my threat, croaking and coming closer. I bristled, glaring at it. “I said, go away.” It hopped ever nearer, and I weighed up my options. Killing it might change the future, but the little beast couldn’t be allowed to live. Another hop, and I made up my mind, bopping it over the head with the stick until it hopped away.

As it croaked loudly, fleeing my wrath, I allowed myself a smile. Not nearly as satisfying as feeding it a grenade would have been, but at least it wasn’t near me anymore.

I remained in the park, undisturbed, for several more hours. Only when every last pony had left our house did I stand, donning my duster and placing Shot Glass securely on my back for the journey home.

Author's Note:

Thanks to Genghis for editing this one, as usual.

Google docs doesn't like me for some reason... blame it for the delay. I do. :twilightsheepish:

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