• Published 18th Jan 2013
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Ponyville Bouquet - Cascadejackal

Experimental technology, repairs made under fire and a less-than-focused mare hitting the big red button. What could go wrong? Join the cast of Wasteland Bouquet as they find themselves, quite literally, living in the past.

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Extra #2: Deleted Scene - The Speech

DELETED SCENE #1- Rose's Speech


Whiskey Rose eyed the gathered ponies, the so-called nobility and elite of Canterlot, hangers-on and sycophants of the court of the Goddesses, with a disdain so well hidden that only her family noticed it.

The pale mare stepped forwards on the dais, taking a place beside one of her idols, the Princess Celestia ,and prepared to speak, knowing full well that the crowd held nothing but contempt for her and her family. She knew her words would have to be carefully chosen, that any sign of weakness would result in further mockery and scorn by those in attendance.

She swallowed, fighting down the bile that was rising in her throat, the dull emotions of the soft, weak ponies, bloated and swollen on their own self-importance, making her physically ill. Not for the first time, she wished she was still travelling the harsh and violent wastes that were her home, but a comforting smile from the tall sun goddess beside her steeled her resolve.

"We," she began, her voice steady and clear, "are the children of your sins."

Author's Note:

What if the group decided to try and change things?
This was actually the first thing I wrote for Ponyville Bouquet. :twilightblush: