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Welcome to The Age of Iron.

These are just a collection of stories and thoughts that have passed through my head while following the extensive Iron Hearts series created by SFaccountant.

Some of these may have some veil of truth to them. Others are nothing more than a curious daydream. Who knows?

These will range from serious tales to the downright silly. So hopefully, you have an attitude for both.

If anything could possibly take place in the main story I will try to list where and when.

Special Thanks to Nightweaver for proofreading and edits.
Special thanks to MarxyHooves for proofreading and edits.

Tags will change as necessary.

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Comment posted by Nightweaver deleted Nov 7th, 2015

Was...was Solon singing part of this?!


Awww, that was sweet. I figured the kid would choose Nurgle.
Now, let's just hope the new kid doesn't pick Slaanesh...


I'm afraid I don't know the Lamenters, and this wasn't detailed enough to change that.

The lists of Chaos Marine Legions, renegade Marine Chapters, and splinter factions are daunting long.

Hey, any idea why it isn't letting me like this story? Is there a missing flag, or did the mods break something sitewide?

Hmm, that is certainly a possibility. It's also quite possible that most of the main cast had a singing part through that whole bit of musical madness. :trollestia:

I briefly considered listing out who was singing what in that but I couldn't decide if that visually broke up the tune or not.

I think it may have something to do with FiMfiction's new voting system in place. They keep the up and down votes hidden until 10 or 15 votes to help keep newer stories from being marked overly red by just a few down votes and thus making seem like they aren't worth giving a look.

Apologies if you already know about this and you're having a different issue.

Just click the up vote once and it should register, even if you can't see it yet.

Damn, that was awesome :rainbowlaugh:
It's always tough when the kids end up standing between different religions. It's nice to see they worked things out with only a little domestic violence.

That's a very different pamphlet: The Whore God and You - A Guide to the Different Methods of Execution You Can Look Forward to While Serving Slaanesh.


6614136 Seriously, fuck that guy. No, wait, he'd like that, wouldn't he?

Yeah, the story does kind of assume that the reader is inherently familiar with third-rate Space Marine Chapters.
All you really need to know about the Lamenters is their name, which literally means "those who feel grief or regret" and that their Chapter icon is, I kid you not, a bleeding heart. Their thing is that they're one of the Chapters that try to be nice guys while fighting war without end, and they are constantly punished for it. It's like they're an advertisement for what happens when you have the gall NOT to be a completely amoral blood knight in the 40K galaxy.
They are easily amongst the least intimidating Space Marine Chapters (among the canon armies, that is), in part because their tortured misadventures keep them under Chapter strength and teetering on the edge of complete destruction, and in part because they have a bleeding ****ing heart for a Chapter icon.


6615414 Oh, geez. They're kinda asking for it, aren't they?


No one loves the Lamenters. :fluttercry: But they're ok with that. They can shoulder it. *Manly Tears*

But yeah. It's been awhile since I went back to look at that segment and it really isn't quite as nice as it could be. I think I was going to use it as a starting point for some other stories but a lot of ideas and plans have changed since then.

You go to the Iron shelf.
I also like the idea of a Khornate and Tzeentchian having a kid. Making the kid must've been.... interesting. To say the least.

"We could be the Lamenters," Pitts said. The other humans visibly relaxed and nodded...

I made myself look like an idiot by bursting out loud laughing on the fourth floor of the library when I read that... Oh that is funny.

To answer your question... Here is a brief summary of their misfourtunes...
Don't take anything on that website -too- seriously, mind you, but it does a nice job summarising the utter curb-stomp that is their chapter's history...


Yeah... they're not even the worst ones... that 21st Founding? Bad business... Take the Flame Falcons for example. Everything was going fine for them, beat up some orks and emo-eldar, and they were kicking absolute ass at the battle of Raffenburg's World...

And then they all burst into flame.

Seriously, their gene-seed mutated in a way that made them spontaneously combust.

Now, at first they were, quite understandably, somewhat put down by this, until they realized these flames not only didn't hurt them but made them nigh invulnerable. So, they decided it was the Emperor's blessing and continued ass-kicking.

Unfortunately, after they got back home after the battle the Inquisition pointed out that no... this was not in fact a blessing from the Emperor. No, the Inquisition was pretty sure that these guys were definitely demons...

And so the Inquisition and the rest of the Imperium utterly obliterated them within a century of their founding!

Is the flame thrower called my little inferno?

Thank you. Was a little worried that this chapter had completely flopped. :twilightsmile:


Heh. I like that name.

I wonder if the earth pony race has some kind of magical breeding advantage over the other pony races, or if it's reflective of their economic class.
We know that Pinkie Pie has three sisters. Applejack has two siblings, but considering the size of the family that shows up for reunions it's easy to think that there would have been more if her parents had lived longer. Both are rural farm families.
The unicorns of the Mane Six, meanwhile, have one sibling each. They're both pretty upper-class, however.
The pegasi don't have any that we know of, which actually forms the basis of my theory that all pegasi are bastard children that basically get kicked out of their homes as soon as they can fly, like bird chicks, but that's not totally relevant to this comment.
This may suggest that outside of nearly racially homogenous cities like Cloudsdale and Canterlot, earth ponies are a huge majority. Like, five-to-ten earth pones for each of the other races huge. The political implications intrigue me.

Oh, and the chapter wasn't bad. Maybe mix up the references a little bit, though; there was definitely room for some war movie parody here, or maybe something from Monty Python.

Let's be fair about this. Any way you look at it, a guy walking around surrounded by a supernatural halo of fire looks super shady. When you're Inquisition, it hardly gets any shadier.

"So. I wanted to ask you about the flame."
"The flame? What about it?"
"The flame that has no obvious source, turns your enemies to ash, and yet does not consume your flesh."
"Right. Right, THAT flame. It's pretty neat, actually. Emperor's blessing, I guess."
"Yeah, about that. I've seen a lot of the Emperor's blessings. You know, Ordo Hereticus, Ordo Malleus. This doesn't really look like that. I also see a lot of daemons. Most daemons come wreathed in Warpflame."
"Oh. Well... this is different."
"I'm skeptical."
"No, no, seriously. I'm totally Loyalist. I've got like fifty purity seals on me."
"Perhaps you did before they all melted and burned off. Because of all the daemon fire."
"Sh*t! Uh, how about if I go through purification?"
"That would put my mind at ease, thank you. The purification ritual is being gutted by an eviscerator chainsword."
"That... That's not how purification works, is it? Isn't it usually done with-"
"Fire. Yeah. I think we're going to go a different route with you."
"Wow. I'm just now realizing this, but we are DICKS."


Huh, considering that there's two or three towns confirmed to be founded by Earth Ponies in the show, that could be very interesting indeed.

Yeah, maybe I'll mix it up a bit the next time a I do a chapter like this.
This one was just a big, fun Space Balls tribute.

Well part of it is having a lot of kids when you have a farm means lots of free labor. For instance, my parents both grew up on farms, and I have at least 4 or 5 aunts and uncles on both sides.

Ok. This is totally my new head canon for this series.

Awww, that was so horrifying and touching! :raritydespair:
But you totally just wiped out at least two future storylines I had planned. :twilightoops:

What I gathered from this is that Dash's sonic rainboom apparently opens a miniature Warp rift. Her special talent is shredding the fabric of space and time.


I did what?! :pinkiegasp:

Oh noooooooooo!

Wait a second. This series isn't technically canon so those future story lines could still be safe.

Nope. They're gone now. Pre-empted by Nurgle. Chaos diseases made Equestria. This is canon. Fanfiction-canon.



Not sure how to respond to that apart from suspecting that one of those storylines involved "How Equestria was made" and you liked this origin better because it gives Papa Nurgle a strong if slightly indirect hand in Equestrias origins.

Either that or you're messing with me.

Though I do genuinely feel a little sad that I may have preemptively wiped a couple of interesting storieslines.


Well that would certainly help explain how the Rainboom(Rainbow Dash) can be weaponized so easily. (By Tellis)

Man, it was going to be AWESOME. There was going to be a crazed genocidal artificial intelligence bent on destroying all pony life and everything! Plus Eldar trickery! But now it's all gone. :moustache:

Honestly, my sense of 40K's time line is pretty weak, but could Equestria evolve this quickly within the era of human space colonization? With hominid development as a yardstick, that should have taken at least 200 kiloyears, maybe half that with ribomantic steroids juicing the transition from Nurgle spawn to magic horses. (Is there a term for genetics-oriented magic yet? If not, I'm totally claiming "ribomancy")


But I LOVE Eldar trickery! Especially when it fails and the Eldar die horribly! Well... only when the Eldar fail and die horribly... Oh well.

Also... As I was rereading the chapter... I came across the following line...

"Isha stood their frozen out of fear for a moment that a dozen human lifetimes could be lost in."

"Isha stood their..."



Seriously though, I missed this, but it should be "there" not "their"...

...We both missed it.
How? How did I miss that too?
I think I need to be shot for this heresy...

Human colonization went on continually until the Age of Strife , which was roughly 25,000 AD to the 30th millennium. So the plague genocide of Centaur III probably had at least 20,000 years or so to get from Warp-twisted monstrosity to intelligent pony life.
That's an alarmingly short span of time for evolution to do its thing, but considering Chaos magic is explicitly involved, that's not all that impressive. The Tau, by comparison, went from cave-people slugging each other with rocks to space-traveling mech enthusiasts in less than ten millennia.


No worries. Retconian edit button solves all problems. :trollestia:

No one will be *BLAMMED!* (Today)


The story is suppose to imply that the species that did "survive" the plague event were in a genetic cocoon of sorts where the species were still suffering the negative effects of the horrors of the warp disease. The generations where the species of Centaur 3 were born with the appearances that they are known for in the present timeline was an emergence from that cocoon. Which was the end result of Ishas tampering.

After that it's just a matter of the sentient races on the planet going through their natural social evolution and civilization development. Which considering the technology levels and the assistance of stable warp powers seems pretty plausible.

Though where Celestia and Lunas emergence fits into all that I'm not sure myself.




This was fantastic, a great idea on Nurgle and Isha having a hand in the creation of Equestria and also plays into fandom Lyra's conspiracy theories about Equestria having prior human contact before.

I forget though, does the Iron Hearts Lyra still do that? I know she has a pet zombie but not too sure on the conspiracies part.

Oh well, as for SFaccountant, he's just messing with us isn't he? Did he really have something else planned or what? I can't tell if he's joking or not.

Wait... So does that make Pinkie a Harlequin ?



I just realized a slight parallel between Solon/Celestia with Nurgle/Isha. Choas has fully dominated Equestria/Warp with Celestia and Isha being now subservient to their Chaos rulers. But both rulers don't over abuse their authority like any other god would.

Anyway, if the truth of Equestria's birth came to light I can see Celestia easily siding with Isha and calling her mother unconsciously just as Luna calls Solon father. Though Celestia would be rather distressed as Isha's capture is voluntary due to Slaanesh still being out there.

Hmm, didn't really consider that. Neat.


6920264 Another parallel just thought of, both live in cages with no locks and cannot leave due to the horrors of what lays beyond the cage. For Isha it's Slaanesh and for Celestia it's the Warp.

Maybe the reason why she sent Twilight out was to test the extent of the horros of the warp, though either she just really trusts Twilight to be able to handle anything or something is up that she wouldn't send her with her friends.

Cool story! Before I read this, I wrote a shortfic in the comments if SFAccountant's "Entrenchment" that touched on Isha, though I mainly wrote it to depict Nurgle as a putrescent Ward Cleaver.


As for Celestia and Luna, I guess we now know where the Second and Eleventh Primarchs went. Sanguinas' wings were bad enough, but the Emprah drew the line at ponies. :trollestia:

6888099 there is indeed a genetic magic its called transmogremancy and is highly disdainful as it can erase any and all traces of a previous creatures existence if applied correctly to the genes through a bit of time.

Ribomancy sounds like it only affects the ribonuclic acids and would be able to form new creatures as well if only in subtle ways so I suppose in this sense that is what happened if only a blend of the two mancys


Glad you liked it. :twilightsmile:

I saw your comment. That was a fun little short. Kind of reminds me of something from the 1D4Chan archives. I do mean that in a good way of course.

There is actually another commentary story done by another fan of the Iron Hearts series.

Annnnd Here we go!

You should like that.


Interesting. Is this a DnD magic or a general fantasy magic?

I'm have a idea this for one.

7022188 What it;s all the main six have mark of chaos.

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