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The Talon Companies are known throughout the Equestrian Wastes. Griffin mercenary companies tracing their lineage back to before the Great War, now fulfilling their contracts in a world full of opportunities.

But what happens when the time comes for such a company to select a new leader? This is the time of succession. This is the time... of Fire & Blood.

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Once, every decade, the changeling race prepares for their most sacred of days.
It is a celebration of life, of the past, of the bond between all Queens, past and present, and their subjects.
It is a time of joy, when all changelings return from the world beyond Flutter Valley to be with their families.

But one filly looks forward to it more than most. For Chrysalis, future Queen of the Changelings, this is her first Festival of Lights and her first step on the road to becoming Queen.

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To most, they are the creatures that almost took Canterlot, shapeshifters able to feed on the emotions of those around them.
While this is true, it is not all there is to the story.

When the Great War began, an alliance was struck between Princesses Celestia and Luna, of Equestria, and Queen Chrysalis, of the Changelings.
The changelings, natural infiltrators since birth, would become spies for Equestria. In return, they would no longer be hunted, permitted to continue feeding as they had for countless years before their failed invasion, provided they not engage in acts harmful to the equine government or population at large.

Of course, that was simply the beginning. As the war began to escalate, Stable-Tec, the company responsible for the life-saving Stables, recieved a request from parties that would, as part of the contract, remain anonymous and unnamed.
They were asked to create something new, something that would allow both changelings and ponies to survive, and promote harmony between the races.

They were asked to create...

Project HIVE

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Sometimes, dreams are all we have. Sometimes, that's enough.

Hidden deep within a maze, well away from prying eyes, there is a statue. The last great work of an artist long forgotten, her time-worn visage watches the raising and setting of the sun and the moon as though enraptured.
Who created such a marvel, this sculpture of copper and brass, of crystal and cog, and why, is unknown, lost to the mists of time... until now.

This is the tale of a painter and a clockmaker, and the love they shared.
This is the tale of a dreamer, who knew only her dream.

Now with reading by Illya Leonov: Listen to it here.

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My entry for the Fallout: Equestria group 300 member short-fic competition.
The theme is Wild Wasteland.

A glow in the distance, holding the darkness of night at bay. Screams of delight and peals of laughter, echoing across the poisoned, torn landscape. Countless tents and stalls, nestled between rides of rickety wood and attractions most bizzare. At the gate, a mare most mad, greeting all who draw near and bidding them enter with a wave of her hoof and a hungry grin.

"Welcome, one and all, to the Carnival! You'll never want to leave."

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The Equestrian Wasteland is a harsh place, unforgiving and cruel. It breaks you down and tears you apart, and there's nothing you can do except hold as tightly as you can to the few good things in your life.

What if you were given a second chance? A life away from the violence, the pain and the fear? Could you even imagine such a thing?What kind of place could offer something like that?

A place where war is just a word in history books.
A place where the skies are as clear and pure as the hearts of ponykind.
A place where Friendship is Magic.

But... When a group of Wasteland Souls appear, will this world be able to deal with them? And will they be able to deal with a world that doesn't want them dead?

Join Caravan Lily, Whiskey Rose, Shot Glass and Ibis, as they embark on their greatest adventure yet: Living a normal life.


A non-canon spin-off of Fallout Equestria - Wasteland Bouquet.
Read that first, to get the most enjoyement out of this little fic.
Cutie Marks on the cover by Sirhcx.

WARNING: Fic contains minor spoilers for Wasteland Bouquet.

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Jacknife, of Wasteland Bouquet fame, finally recieves her own fic!

The resident courier of Little Fillydelphia, Jacknife is a mare on a permanent sugar-&-adrenaline high.
See how she spends her days, discover her past and try to keep up as she tears through town on a mission!

When this mare hits 88MPH, you're gonna see some serious stuff.

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The Wasteland Bouquet. Just another bar, in just another town. The same old crowd, even when the faces change. Prospectors, scavengers, anyone that's down and out or just needs to tell their story, get things off their chest. Unicorn, Earth Pony, Pegasus, even Griffon, everyone is welcome. Walk on in, get yourself a drink, and cry your heart out to the pretty mare behind the bar, or maybe the quiet mare with the cold eyes. That's what they're there for, after all.

Thing is, they have their own story. It may not be heard very often, but here it is. Because every pony has a story, and those stories need to be told.

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