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Growing up, Gallus was left to his own devices in a land of cruel and judgmental adults. The School of Friendship is nothing like that, and having creatures believe in him is a very jarring switch.

Luckily, Silverstream is here to help him navigate that.

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Gavier #1 · 6 days ago · · · one ·

You are. SO right.

:fluttercry: I miss them too

btw is it marked incomplete on purpose?

yes! i plan on writing more chapters : )

semillon #3 · 6 days ago · · · one ·

Blood of the covenant is thicker than water of the womb.

She tipped her head in confusion—she'd never heard the saying phrased in a way that defied its popularized context.

When the hippogriff opened the book, she gasped—each page was dedicated to the creatures that had welcomed him into their lives with open arms since they'd arrived. His friends, his professors. Her. She nearly teared up.


this is incredibly sweet thank you for the food i can't wait for more

Gavier #4 · 6 days ago · · · one ·

hell yeah let's goo

Love these two dorks! :heart:

Aww this is a pretty adorable chapter so far and I really like the shipping between those two so it looks like silverstream and Gallus just basically hanging out with each other just enjoying their company and apparently there was a subject that he's a little bit sensitive when it comes to family ancestry she wants to approach it just a little bit but she just doesn't know how until how this will work out they're just going to talk about something else I wonder what she's going to do I guess we'll find out next time

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