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After Hearth's Warming, everyone takes their trees to the curb and takes down all the lights and decorations.

This includes Rarity and Sweetie Belle, of course. It's basic routine.

But seeing the lights gives Sweetie an idea...one that her sister might not be so keen on.

A Jinglemas 2023 story in spirit, written for anyone who reads it, since I didn't work up the courage nor clear my schedule enough to participate in proper this year. Hopefully someone out there who enjoys sweet Rarity-Sweetie sister fluff will appreciate this.

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That was a good story.

Using the bits she had accrued and saved up from her share of pay in her job as a Crusader, she went to the store and looked for holiday lights. To her surprise, all of them were half-priced BOGO deals, which made it easy for her when it came to how much she was going to get.

wait the Crusaders are getting paid by who

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