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With equipment granted by Princess Luna, Twilight transports a small tree from another world to study Equestria's radiant magic energy on it. Murphy's Law is in full effect.

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Her sapling needed to live!

Why did I think of Frankenstein?


I dunno, 'cause you had Frankenstein on the mind? :twilightsheepish:


No . . .
I could just see Twilight standing over him, looking like Frankenstein , like a mad scientist with the lab equipment and all, trying to bring life back to him.
All that was missing was the mad laughter, and her career as a villain would been set :pinkiehappy:

A HiE story with a rather original idea. Just don't go all "seventh element" or "higher purpose defeat the moster of the week" and you'll do fine. :pinkiehappy:

Since he is part tree now...... does that mean he is extra burnable?

1490970 Oh, don't worry, Mr. Hawthorne will stay pretty grounded, even if he wants to do something crazy :raritywink:

1491444 Hmmm. Possibly. Although it is easier to kill a normal human with fire than a tree. And setting ablaze a dead tree would be easier than setting fire to an alive one. Well, unless this is Minecraft. But it's not, so I think Hawthorne will be okay :pinkiesmile:

Well you've got me hooked, as long as all the HIE cliches stay to a minimum, i do believe i'll be reading this all the way to the ending.
I also really hope there isn't a tyrannical Celestia (that loathes the human) i've read fics like that and oh lordy, they are bad...well there are few exceptions...and now i've forgotten them, damnit

1491668 Maybe, but say his non dragon arm gets lopped off, could possible a living tree branch from another tree get transplanted to the stump that used to be his arm, and in time become a new arm?


You would be better off in ignorance of the many of the happenings in the Dark Beyond, Twilight Sparkle. Trust me.

Cowardly ponies couldn't handle clouds moving on their own. Learning that their princesses do not control celestial movements (such as the sun and the moon) would probably result in a near-extinction level event from mass-suicides out of sheer terror and hopelessness.

The denizens might miss them.

Naaah, it'd take more than that to get us to come after your pretty, purple hide.

Is this daid? Please not be daid, is gud story. :fluttercry:

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