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Nova Critical


A C4 addict takes her friends to a warzone, Oh Octavia, what have you done?

(Written for my friends, Chad, Chase, Ian and Brandon. But more so for the first three, not really Brandon.)

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Poor Brandon

LOL this was random
Caramel = Griff

I assume this is related to Battlefield or something?

Oh Octavia, a mare after my own heart.

Oh God...I hate C4 :rainbowlaugh: Trundlin' around in my tank, killing shit...then kaboom, me and my precious tank are both dead.

I'm doing this tomorrow.

Coming from a loyal BF3 player...I FUCKING LOVE THIS.

466433 Yes it is, sir.
466571 :raritywink:
466980 the best of luck to you!
466988 i was hoping you'd like it bro :twilightsmile:


What can I say? I just love the nature of this!

Lol i just came from playing battlefield 3 to read this, and it was win. Seems like something i'd try to do to my friends also :pinkiehappy:

F*ck you for offending mexican music:flutterrage:, although; not a bad story:moustache:

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