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Mysteriously arriving in Ponyville, Hawk, an amnesic griffon, and his younger sister are taken in by Twilight. However, not all is as it seems in Equestria as Hawk is forced to fight for Princess Luna.

(Cover art is just Cover art. Amazing picture by Equestria-Prevails, but not entirely related to the story. If anyone can find other art that'll fit better, please drop me a line)

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I saw this as a new Fanfic and read the desc. I recommend the Gryphon nation 'Aeries' Avion is good too, but Aeries attracts more people.

Me gusta. Another interesting viewpoint.



Thanks! Honestly I didn't know what to put for as the griffon nation, just needed a placeholder, so thanks a bunch! :pinkiehappy:


Thanks for reading it Rust! Glad you like it! Full steam ahead!:rainbowkiss:

Ba Ba Ba BABA I'm loving it!

And I truly am. It's so hard to find something like this, a gem amongst all the Human -> Pony stories. I've yet to find a Human -> Draconequuis but then again, that's my planned story. But I digress, I love this story, VERY original and entertaining. You use an excellent choice of words, and albeit a little predictable it still manages to surprise me. I can't wait until the next chapter.


Haha Thanks! :pinkiehappy:

(The ba ba ba BABA made me laugh being that I work at mcdonald's haha)

But really, thank you! I haven't even seen a human -> Draconequuis story, but I'm interested to see how it'd play out, when you get any chapters done on it let me know!


This is actually really good. Can't wait for the next update


And more you shall have dear reader! :raritywink:

This is one damn good story! I love the main character,and it looks like it{s going to be quite the story.


Fucking great,I love the battle part,it's so intense! :pinkiehappy: But,really,this is a great scene,have a cookie.


342335Ok, how do you put those pictures in there? It's been driving me nuts!

Oh, and very god story so far. I'm interested.

I'll admit, it's very different from your previous version that's for sure, and for the better I'd say.

I feel really bad for Hawk, poor Hawk. Dr. Stable's bedside manner REALLY needs some work.
Be careful Twilight. I've seen the result of someone trying to harden his heart too much in a story before: He's not who he was before, and now even the woman who loves him fears him and his new, unfeeling personality.

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