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As the snow falls across the land in preparation of Heartswarming Eve, ponies went about their business. Buying presents, cooking delicious food, hanging decorations. It was all apart of the upcoming holiday season. Even so, there were still some problems that would inevitably slow things down. A celebration was to be held in the Crystal Empire for the 5th anniversary of the kingdom's return, but something stopped anypony from reaching the northern kingdom. Heavy snow blocked the tracks that lead north, causing delays to come to Equestria's railways. And for most, this would put a major damper on the party plans. But as the ruler of the Crystal Empire, Princess Cadence would not let this stop her kingdom from being celebrated. And so, with the help of a friend, she sets of in search of an answer. But the answer she gets, is not what she was thinking of.

Note: Big Thanks to Auta5tic for being an amazing Co-author!

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Anyone else getting those "good chills" from this?

I LOVE the playful banter between Cadence and, who I am guessing is,your OC.

As for the story itself, I am loving it too, which is helped by the fact that The Polar Express is one of my favorote movies!!!

You replaced the first chapter with chapters 1 and 2 in one file?

No, when I first uploaded the chapter, I accidentally used one of the unfinished drafts I was using in the early development of the first chapter. This is just the final product of the first chapter, the actual second chapter is in development as we speak.

Interesting. The first version stopped at a "logical" place and it seemed complete in and of itself.

How’s the process of the second chapter going?

Slow is smooth and smooth is fast in my book, my friend. Progress is being made, so expect it soon!

I hope it gets released within November or December depending on much time you take and we also want to see the Friendship Express struggling on the snow and ice.

I can just hear the music in my mind!


Is Santa going to appear in this story?

Tis all but a mystery, my fair child

The Friendship Express maybe struggling on the ice and snow covered rails near the station.

Good chapter ^^ i can't wait for new chapter! ^^

It's 2-8-4 wheel configuration, not 4-8-2 wheel configuration

Meant to change that little fact, thank you

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