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Slippery Slope

And they don't stop comin and they don't stop comin and they don't stop comin and they don't stop comin

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X 865 #1 · May 2nd, 2023 · · 1 ·

Don't have time to read this right now, but I'm ABSOLUTELY looking forward to reading it later! I love the topic!!!

Mix-up #2 · May 2nd, 2023 · · 1 ·

Very nice Story I very much liked the suiting up and and the losing of control, it was great that it actually had a good buildup for the setup that eventually leads to the clop part. I hope you will do more of those here.

Well, that was a fun and unique read. No one expects the Luna suit to get you. Especially not the Celestia super fan.

Damn it, it's so hot I could read this a second time. Also, you have piqued my interest level up to a high standard.


It's easy to talk shit about someone online. Very different to do the same to their face. More need to learn that I feel.

Glad to hear! Do feel free to let me know if I handled those topics well when you eventually get to it.

Thanks! I certainly do hope to write more sometime.

One has to wonder what whoever is in Celestia is thinking...

Oh gosh, I appreciate that! Curious to know what you're interested in seeing more of in particular ^^

God damnit
You may be wondering
Do i hate latex? HECK NO!
its powered my own transformation experiments
But it has nasty side effects

I thought it was great! Not as much sex as I thought there would be, but there's nothing wrong with that. I found the whole story rather hot and cute. I'd love to see more!!!
Don't worry too much about the initial flood of down votes. That sadly seems to be happening to a lot of stories right after they come out these days.

Please clean up the latex suit mess
I dont want anyone else being transfurred

Glad you enjoyed it! Yeah, being asexual definitely means it's a bit easier for me keeping it on the lighter end haha. Hoping I can write more ^^

Honestly, the story reception is already way better than I anticipated it being. I know that combination of tags and content and cover art is like the perfect recipe for disaster so already more than pleasantly surprised enough folks read it and enjoyed it to somehow put it in sinbox for a bit, and for that I am grateful.

since when did luna discover latex?...more studies must be done

That was a good story.

Good to hear! And thanks for the fav!

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