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I like writing stories but I'm also a kinky fetishistic loser, that's all you need to know really.

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Fun story, would wonder what Stellar had planned in mind for Sunburst before before she just rant with Sun Beam.

Sunburst confidently stood in the center circle before channeling his magic into the markings he had made on the floor. The outer circle glowed brighter and brighter until it basically shone with magical energy, one by one, the circles with the symbols adopted the same glow until finally the circle Sunburst was stood in did the same. The spell was cast and Sunburst felt magic ripple through his body in a rather uncomfortable manner, once completed, he powered down his horn and looked down to see that the chalk drawings were still there but extremely faded, not uncommon for spells that required magical words or pictures. Sunburst stood there for a moment... he didn't really feel any different and he certainly hadn't gained any knowledge, the spell hadn't exactly failed, he'd followed every instruction down to the letter... what happened?

Let's see... magic word... ah! *Ahem* Hen-Shin!":

Ok, no, but that would be awesome

Stellar Flare ignored him and going "Now then, can't very well call you "Sunburst" anymore, that's a boy's name... now let's see, Sunshine? Sundrop? Ooh, no I've got it! Sunbeam! Yes, that's a perfect name for a young mare to have!"

Stellar frowned and said "What do you mean "no" honey? You're supposed to be following my plan so that you can make something of yourself in the big city, it's not a negotiation, you're a mare now and these are the kind of clothes that you need to wear, now strip!" Sunbeam stood her ground and just crossed her arms with a scowl on her face, clearly intent on not continuing with her mother's ridiculous strategy that was supposedly going to ensure a happy and financially secure future. Stellar realized that she was going to have to employ a slightly more aggressive tactic if she was going to get Sunbeam to comply once again and get with the program, which is why she, without warning, tugged Sunbeam's jeans down along with the boxers underneath and then turned her around to push her up against the wall. Sunbeam froze as she felt her mother gently place a hand on her left buttock before she whispered "Listen here young lady, don't think that just because you're all grown up that I won't spank you when you've been naughty... the choice is yours..."

I Can. Not. STAND people like this! :flutterrage:
What makes it worse is that there ARE people like this.

Anomaly Log Date: 5-28-23
So here's something intriguing
It seems most mothers after having a son swap genders are compelled to Force the now daughter to do girly things
This is pretty intriguing and must be monitored
End Log

Stellar Flare went,(—— "Alright, just be quick!

Sunburst pouted and said,(—— "I didn't do it on purpose mom! I was trying to cast a spell I made to try and understand how the mind of a mare works and it backfired!"

Stellar Flare sighed and went,(—— "Honey... as a mare, let me tell you right

Sunburst groaned and said,(—— "Please mom, no more plans! I've had it with the plans already! Besides, all I need is a couple of weeks and I might be able to reverse the effects"

Stellar Flare ignored him and going,(—— "Now then, can't very well call you "Sunburst" anymore, that's a boy's name... now let's see, Sunshine? Sundrop? Ooh, no I've got it! Sunbeam! Yes, that's a perfect name for a young mare to have!"

Sunburst protested,(—— "Mom! Will you quit it!? I don't wanna follow any of your dumb plans!"

Stellar glared at her daughter and said,(—— "Don't take that tone of voice with me young lady! I make plans for you because I want you to be successful Sunbeam! Do you think I want to see my only daughter waste her life? I won't have it! Time for a new plan!"

Sunbeam scoffed and went,(—— "Oh yeah? Well what makes you so sure that I'll go along with it mom?

Stellar Flare whispered,(—— "Oh you'll comply, I've worked too hard to raise you

Stellar Flare cleared her throat and said,(—— "Sunbeam, can you hear me?"

Stellar grinned, already her plan was being executed perfectly, she said,(—— "Yes dearest, I have a plan for your future and I want you to follow it to the letter! No talking back, understood? In fact, don't actually talk at all, I just know that you're bound to protest or interrupt even with me telling you what to do, so no more talking, capiche?" Sunbeam rolled her eyes and nodded, reluctantly agreeing not to utter a single syllable or even make a sound. Stellar went,(—— "Excellent, now pack your bags sweetie, we're moving, I've lived in Sire's Hollow all my life and I can tell you that mares in this town are nowhere near even a quarter of the way as successful as mares who grow up in big cities, so step one of our plan is to move to the biggest of the big cities, Manehattan!"

You're going to need a completely new wardrobe but first things first, we need to talk about your figure.(——"

Stellar said,(—— "Now now dear, take it from me,

No, you need to slim down so that you're almost too skinny, have an average chest and a small taut pair of buttocks, understood? I'll act as your temporary agent.(——"

breakfast was a corn on the cob with a glass of mango juice,

Who eats corn for breakfast?

Stellar inspected Sunbeam and said,(—— "Oh darling... you're so thin that

Stellar went,(—— "Alright, I've picked out a fabulous ensemble that should make

Stellar frowned and said,(—— "What do you mean "no" honey? You're supposed to be following my plan

place a hand on her left buttock before she whispered,(—— "Listen here young lady, don't think that just because you're all grown up that I won't spank you when you've been naughty... the choice is yours..."

Stellar smirked and said,(—— "Good call, now take off those awfully masculine

Stellar smiled and said,(—— "See? I told you so!

Stellar groaned and said,(—— "For fuck's sake Sunbeam! You detestable girl!

Stellar rolled her eyes and went,(—— "Fine, if that's what it takes then I'll dress you in your new casual outfit. Hold still now and don't move unless I say so.(——"

on some black heels and saying,(—— "Voila! Nothing too overly complicated, wasn't so hard was it? Take a look at yourself in the mirror.(——"

Stellar smiled in approval before going,(—— "Looks like your mother was right again huh honey?

Stellar went,(—— "OK honey, we don't wanna go too overboard with these things, the clothes draw attention to your body so we'll need to go for some items that draw attention to your pretty face as well.(——"

Sunbeam pointed to some standard gold hoop earrings, to which Stellar went,(—— "No no no, those are the most boring earrings available on the market, you need to stand out! Pick something that has some sparkle to it!" Sunbeam kept looking and then pointed to some silver earrings that had a single teardrop shaped blue jewel on each, Stellar again said,(—— "Good effort but silver doesn't work with your color palette dear, nor does blue for that matter... maybe you should leave the choices up to me for now, shall we?" Sunbeam rolled her eyes and accepted that her look was going to be defined by her mother, though considering how much she loved the clothes she was wearing, that wasn't necessarily a negative thing, which was only confirmed when Stellar excitedly went,(—— "Aha! Those earrings are perfect!"

Stellar said,(—— "Alright! Now we need an equally beautiful necklace to really frame your features, so go have a look at what you want!"

Sunbeam shook her head in disagreement and pointed at her mother, Stellar got the message and said,(—— "Oh, you want to go along with what I think?"

Stellar swiped the glasses off of Sunbeam's face and said,(—— "Darling, these glasses are not doing you any good in the looks department, you're probably so used to wearing them you don't even notice and to be honest, I didn't notice! The glasses made the jewelry work but they just didn't match, now your face looks too empty! We need to find you some more fashionable glasses, thank goodness that they are only cosmetic.(——"

You mostly forgot to add a comma before a person speaks.

Once again you are forgetting the comma before someone speaks.

left with a deliciously dark shade of eye shadow to create a perfect contrast and brought out the shine of her eyes.

Sunbeam emptied her spoon then refilled it with a quarter as much food as before, Stellar could see the light of the end of the tunnel, when it came down to it there wasn't a whole lot to table manners and it certainly wasn't difficult. Sunbeam picked up her drink when her mother said "Ah, final lesson, whenever you pick up a drink you must have your elbow out, pinkie flexed and most important of all... sip, don't slurp. There shouldn't be any noise whenever a liquid enters your mouth"

"Stop, you've made a mistake already,(——“ Sunbeam looked to her mother for an answer,

she hadn't even needed to to point out any mistakes with the mascara or eyeliner,

I digress however, get sucking bitch.(——"

Once again they went to the same place as last time for all their accessory needs,

This wasn’t as sexy as I pictured it but was still good.

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