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Writer of Macro/Micro porn, rampages, and adventure. I take... some requests. Within reason. I try to be a good man.

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Pretty good, man

Feels like just a first half of a longer story.

MaNao #3 · Oct 30th, 2022 · · 1 ·

We don't see nice macro very often. :twilightsmile:

Well... it wasn't my intention for Prodig to be a "nice" macro. Her personality is really just the result of being young and naive.

When I was planning the story I knew the thief was going to be a stand in for the audience, ignorant of what drones are for, so that Prodig or Shavings had an excuse to explain. This led to a bit of a problem though. In a realistic world, if law enforcement started having giant ponies eat and transport prisoners in their bellies, that kind of information should get around FAST. Yet, thief HAD to be in the dark. Why? The only justification I had for thief not to know was that drones are very new. Which led to the question of drone maturity. How old are they? Prodig wasn't meant to be "nice" so much as she was meant to come across as mentally immature or young.

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