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Random Question:

IF size shifters/macros are a very huge threat ( Literally ) to Equestria in here.

WHY didn't the Princesses or the Mane Six do something about that? I highly doubt they will just ignore the destruction, injuries, and potential deaths in their wake???!!!

That the size shifters are just as bad, if not worse than the MLP Villains themselves.


I debated whether I should get into the world building to answer questions like that, but ultimately decided to skip it to keep the story focused on the relationship part.

If you're really curious, the explanation I would have offered is that the military (mane 6, princesses, whatever) use cost-benefit and case-by-case analysis to determine which size shifters are "dealt" with and which ones are tolerated. Size shifters who purposefully kill are put down, no questions asked. But ones who simply make a nuisance of themselves are ignored. Picking a fight with a size shifter can be costly, both in property and lives. So as long as no one is dying, the government and military put up with them. Maybe threaten them or make deals to keep the destruction to a minimum too.


So, what about Marry's case? Luckily, she didn't kill anyone. But, still caused destruction, and injuries.

Was she threatened and punished by the Princesses/Mane Six themselves before she visited Steam. ( Is that why she was so remorseful and full of guilt? ) Or she did it at her own accord, and after Steam rightfully tells her off. The Princesses/Mane Six ( With a whole lot of guards ) themselves are right outside his door to have a long talk with Marry?

Then, there is Soild Block.


Full disclosure here: this was really just thrown together to criticize another story by another author that had an ending I didn't like. So I didn't think THAT much about the world building.

In my head this is a world that treats size shifters in 1 of 3 ways. Monsters, celebrities, or mysteries. Some size shifters are terrified of their powers and try to hide them. The mysteries keep the government and military suspicious and cautious, but otherwise leave them alone (the first time a size shifter discovers their powers is always an out-of-control growth spurt so everyone inevitably knows who they are). The celebrities can be anything that isn't destructive really. As long as they are behaving. The monsters come in two flavors: lustful or murderous. What those mean should be pretty obvious. However, size shifters are not constantly large. In my head none of them spend more than a few hours a day at large sizes. The reason for that... I don't really have one. It just made sense in my head. "Why would you always be large? Can't sleep indoors on a real bed if you're always giant. You've got to shrink back down sometime."

In my head becoming a size shifter also has a strong tendency to screw up your emotions. In Marry's case she became overwhelmed with lust, which is probably the kind of size shifter Solid Block is too. So the two of them became sex addicted nuisance wherever they went. They would go to some town or city, grow into giants, then fuck using various structures and vehicles as toys, then shrink back down and go on their way. As size shifters they are consumed with the idea they can do whatever they want and no one can stop them. They've probably been warned/threatened. Probably multiple times. But as size shifters they likely think they're invincible. Would you take the threats of a mosquito seriously?

Honestly, is the military watching Marry and Solid Block wherever they go? I didn't consider it when I wrote this short story, but it would make sense. They may only be expensive nuisances, but you'd still want some firepower ready if that suddenly changed. Heck, I don't even know if Solid Block knows Marry went to see Steam in this story. She probably left him... wherever he is... and ran off on her own. And the only thing special about Solid Block was his ability to realize that Marry was an unawakened size shifter. So he gave her a push, manifested her powers, then lead her away with him to embrace their wild passions. Certainly not a hero, but I'm not sure I'd call him evil either. If he hasn't been put down, he probably hasn't killed anypony either. At least not on purpose. Though how he was able to tell Marry was a size shifter... maybe he has a talent for reading ponies. Who knows.

I feel kinda bad for Marry here but at the same time she practically brought this onto herself. And I completely understand of why Steaming would be beyond upset with her, if my girlfriend ran off with some douche all because he taught her some special trick while leaving me behind and hurt me in more ways than one, I'd tell her to get lost too if she came back and wanted to get back into my good graces.

Sometimes, you just can't fix your mistakes.

That being said, I kinda want to see an expansion of this, like what made Marry leave Solid Block in the first place and what happened to her after her failed attempt to patch things up with Steaming.

Wow...then again...this is something I can feel. And honestly? I'm just curious if there's going to be a add on since I feel for Steaming.


Sorry, I don't have any plans right now to expand or explore this story further. This was just written to address what I thought was a bad ending to a very old story by another author. I was so mad that the original seemingly just abandoned "Steam" while "Marry" and "Solid Block" walked off into the sunset like everything was fine. It was so wrong to me. I'm glad this story had the emotional impact I was going for and carried that sense of betrayal I felt when I read the original. Thank you. :twilightsmile:

That’s power fantasy for you.

I understand but this story has a lot of potential. I like to find out what caused Marry to snap out of it and leave Stone Block to go back and try make amends with Steam as well as what she did after he rejected her apology.

Just something to think about.

That's a very interesting take on macro fic, very interesting.

I think you're a pretty good macro author. i don't see many author who tried to make their fic a little realistic, i wish there will be more author like you.

Comment posted by MaNao deleted Aug 25th, 2022

First, before I go into my tidbit.

Really great work, even if it is kind of "cobbled" together but I think that aids it a bit more since the main idea and context are made pretty clear but every other bit about this story leaves one curious. You do write interactions pretty well, it is one of the reasons I'll take a peak at some of your works from time to time.

Anyway. Random thought I had while milling at work. I wouldn't think a newspaper publisher would greenlight having that kind of explicit imagery almost on the front page lol. Maybe in this world, they decided to make different newspaper articles/magazines for these size shifter incidents due to the situation being a bit. Raunchy at times. Guess I hadn't thought too much about the details of that heh.

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