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The almighty Grogar has arrived with the promise of laying waste to everything in his path, wielding the Infinity Gauntlet, which confers untold power on him.

The only ones capable of stopping him are the Avengers and the rest of the superheroes in the galaxy, who must be willing to sacrifice everything for the greater good.

Captain Equestria (Applejack) and Iron Girl (Twilight Sparkle) will have to iron out their differences, Black Panther (Daring Do) will support with his troops from Wakanda, Rainbow Dash and the Guardians of the Galaxy and even Spider-Girl (Luster Dawn) will join, before that their plans of devastation and ruin put an end to the universe.

Will they be able to stop their biggest opponent to date?

Based in the MARVEL's movie "Avengers 3: Infinity War"

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Based in the MARVEL's movie "Avengers 3: Infinity War"

Why start with that movie?

I sort of hope Flash Sentry is in this somewhere.

He is one of the candidates for Pepper Potts competing with Timber Spruce.

You decide, guys.

Between those two I always go with Flash. I hate Timber.

He's a self-absorbed jerk with mediocre talents who doesn’t deserve Twilight but everyone treats him like some kind of cool guy and he's the reason Flash lost focus in the series.

Go with Flash. He is a much better candidate than Lumber Wood. or whatever his name is. Flash got more development than he did. Also, in one short, Timber is shown to be a coward, while in another, Flash is shown to be selfless and heroic (as seen in the Cheer You On short where he dives under a robot in order to grab Sunset's geode). Timber was basically introduced for the same reason that Flash was and even shared a similar backstory. Both had connections to the villian of the movie that they debuted in. While Timber technically had more character than Flash did (with Flash having to wait several movies to get actual development), I see that Flash is the more popular of the two

Okay, Flash Sentry is the winner to play the part of Pepper Potts.

Comment posted by Lucasnike123 deleted September 13th

But wouldn't it make more sense to start with the first Avengers movie, so people won't get confused?

No, I decided on this film.

If you want to know what happened before, look at the blogs of the characters, ok?

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