• Published 20th Sep 2012
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Discord's Resignation - Xz Hacker

Discord passes on his power to Pinkie Pie.

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Epilogue: "Infinite Realms"

Epilogue: “Infinite Realms”

Pinkie Pie's consciousness slowly grew until she could not only see all of the present and the past, but the future to, and all its possibilities. More than that, she could see the possibilities that the past had left behind. No, the past didn't leave them behind, those possibilities were all separate. Every action that had ever been taken had spawned more and more realities. Places beyond imagining awaited, and she was one of the few that got to see them all. But Pinkie were could you possibly start such an epic journey?

“Well Mr. Author, I heard there's a nice universe not too far from here with more beach side than there is other land.”

Authors Notes:

Yeah I kinda ended this a little abruptly. I'm sorry for that, but I did it for two reasons. Number one I have been dieing to get to some ideas I came up with while writing this, and two, I plan to write more about this later, albeit a long time coming.

I'd like to thank all my friends (and my grandmother) who read over my work, and corrected my terrible run on sentences and other grammatical errors. And of course I'd like to thank all of the people who apparently like my work out there, because lets be honest, I write for you guys more than I write for myself.

Finally, I'd like to end by asking a simple question. WHO ELSE IS EXCITED ABOUT SEASON THREE!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

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Geez.. that is a lot of power. Surprised she didn't go nuts. Looking into infinity must be crazy.

My mind is a total cluster-fuck. What the heck just happened?

The good: A well-ordered and well-organized story, with a fitting beginning and middle, and a rushed but acceptable end.

Pinkie balances nicely between funny and creepy. Even without a dark tag, I spent much of the story afraid of what she might do next.

The bad: Simple, straightforward sentence structures seem a bit unfitting for a story about chaos unleashed. My guess is that you're still relatively new to writing, and you don't have much experience with the more anarchic structures of writers like Terry Pratchett or Douglas Adams. (On the plus side, this is the writing skill that's easiest to develop, both through practice and through reading stories with a wide variety of styles.)

While fine when taken independently, some of the characterization is iffy when compared to canon. In particular, this Pinkie might be a little too childlike (more like the copies from Too Many Pinkies than like the original mare we know and love.)

The verdict: Liked, but not faved. I'll follow you to see how your skills improve.

Truly constructive criticism at its best. Thanks for an honest review, with a good amount of feedback.
I'm surprised at the number of comments some of my older stories have been getting lately, how did you come across this?
Final comment: Yes I am very very new to writing, which is why I'm glad so many people seem to like my work already.


Remember when you left a comment on "The Assumption of Applejack" saying that you'd done that plot first? I followed the link. Your writing looked a little rough, though, so I decided to start with your most recent story, then go back to earlier ones if it looked polished enough. (I think I'll just leave it at this one for now, since you're still learning your craft.)


Interesting though yes the end did feel rushed a bit.

Wow, haven't gotten any comments on my old work in a while, it figures it would be this one though.

To answer this question, I felt like that his power would not just be instantly transferred, it what come a little at time. But "a little" of what would amount to near infinite power would be a lot at any given second. That's why it may seem like he kept his power, and she had it too.

I hope that explains that! It's funny, I haven't checked fimfiction in a good bit, and I suddenly had this feeling today to check it, odd coincidence I guess. Speaking of, I'm always curious when this happens, what lead you to this old story?

Thank you very much. My series has been a little stalled as of late due to my insistent job schedule, and my personal life having tons of distractions. I really want to rap it all up soon and move on.

Glad you liked it, have you read my others?

Great story!!!

Thumbs up


I love it,i love pinkie

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