• Published 20th Sep 2012
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Discord's Resignation - Xz Hacker

Discord passes on his power to Pinkie Pie.

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Chapter Three: "A Fraction of Infinity"

Chapter Three: “A Fraction of Infinity”

The next day Twilight woke to Pinkie Pie making lots of loud noises down stairs. She knew she would regret bringing her into the library, but how else was she supposed to watch her? When she went down stairs she found Pinkie Pie surrounded by a kitchen. Twilight didn't have a kitchen. “Pinkie Pie! What is this?!”

“Oh, sorry Twilight, I thought since you were letting me stay with you and all, I would make you some breakfast.”

“Where did you get all of this?”

“Well, I wanted it here, and it just kinda appeared.”

“YOU MADE ALL THIS,” Twilight yelled in alarm. She was not expecting Pinkie Pie to develop so much power literally over night.

Pinkie Pie dropped her head a little. “Well not on purpose, at least not at first. I thought about making you some toast for breakfast, and then the bread appeared. Then I thought about a toaster, and that appeared. So I toasted the bread, but then I thought you would want some milk with it. When the milk appeared it was warm, so I thought about a refrigerator, and then that appeared. And well, after an hour this all came too.”

She was surrounded by more than just a toaster, a refrigerator, and breakfast. She also had shelves attached to the wall with plates and glasses, and an oven cooking some muffins. Twilight looked at what used to be her study. “You just thought about it, and it appeared?”

Pinkie Pie raised her head back up. “Well yeah, I couldn't help it, the things just kept coming.”

Twilight sighed, knowing it wasn't Pinkie Pie's fault. “Well can you get rid of it?”

“I'll try.” Pinkie Pie concentrated for a moment, but nothing seemed to happen.

After a moment Twilight asked, “well?”

Pinkie Pie looked at her in frustration. “I can't get rid of them. It's not as easy as making things.”

Twilight sighed again. “Well they can't just stay here, I don't have room for all this stuff.”

At that moment Spike came down the stairs sniffing the air. “Are those muffins?”

“Yep,” exclaimed Pinkie Pie, happy for the distraction from her inability to disperse the kitchen she had summoned.

“Those smell good can I have some?”

“Sure.” Pinkie Pie walked over to the oven and opened the door. She looked at it for a second as she felt the heat pour from it. Then suddenly a pair of oven mitts appeared beside her.

“Pinkie!” Twilight was beginning to get frustrated.

“Oops, sorry!”

Spike looked at Twilight. “Whats the big deal?”

“The big deal is, she can't get rid of any of this stuff.”

Spike walked over to the oven and picked up a muffin, being unaffected by the heat. He began eating it. “So, I still don't see the problem, these are delicious.”

“Spike, it isn't about the food, it's about the kitchen, IN MY STUDY!”

Spike looked around at the new kitchen, while Pinkie Pie kicked the ground looking embarrassed. After a few moments of thinking and eating another muffin, he had an idea. “I'm sure someone around town needs this stuff. I'm sure if we tell them they can have it, they'll move it out of here for us.”

“Spike you're a genius! I'll go ask around town to see if anyone needs this stuff. In the meantime, Pinkie please don't make any more stuff.”


As Twilight ran around town, Spike couldn't help but abuse his new infinite source of food. “So Pinkie Pie, you can make anything right?”

“I think so.”

“Maybe you could make me some gems to eat?”

“I'll try.” She sat their for a moment concentrating. Suddenly a large blue crystal appeared in front of Spike.

“Oh man that looks delicious!” He reached out grabbed it and shoved it in his mouth. After biting down he got a funny look on his face.

After a few seconds of slow chewing Pinkie Pie was getting curious. “What is it Spike? Does it taste bad?”

Spike shook his head then swallowed. “No it's not that...” he paused thinking. “I think that that was candy.”

“Candy? I tried to get you a gem like you asked.”

“No, no, it was good. I just didn't expect it to be that sweet.”

“So it was good?”

“Ya. Actually, can I have some more?”

By the time Twilight got back with several ponies eager to claim their new kitchen wear, she found Spike laying on his back covered in blue gems. “Spike what is this?”

He groaned a little. “Pinkie Pie made me some candy gems.”

Twilight looked over at Pinkie Pie who got a defensive look. “Hey you asked me to!”

Twilight groaned a little and turned to the six ponies that were behind her waiting for their free stuff. “Does anybody want some free candy while you're at it?”

It took about half an hour, but everything that Pinkie Pie made, including Spike's candy, was taken away by the ponies Twilight had brought in. Twilight closed the door as the last one took away the refrigerator. “That took way too long.”

Pinkie Pie smiled. “At least those nice ponies got some free stuff out of it.”

Twilight looked at her, mildly irritated with her optimism. “Yes, but I just spent all day running around trying to find those nice ponies. Now do you see what I mean Pinkie? You need to be careful with your powers.”

“I didn't do it on purpose!”

“I know you didn't,” Twilight said softening her tone, “I just meant that you need to try to make sure you don't do anything without thinking about it first.”

“I'll try.”

The next day Twilight awoke to the smell of muffins. Not again, she thought as she got out of bead. She went down stairs to find Spike eating several muffins, but no oven to be found. “Spike, where did you get those?”

“Pinkie Pie made them.”

Twilight looked at Pinkie Pie. “Did you make another oven then get rid of it?”

“Nope, I just made the muffins, that's it.”

Twilight looked down at the muffins Spike was eating. She turned back to Pinkie Pie. “Let me see you make one.”

Pinkie Pie closed her eyes and a muffin appeared directly in front of Twilight's face. Twilight was a little startled by its sudden appearance and staggered back, running into a nearby bookcase. All of the books fell down on top of her.

“Twilight are you OK,” Pinkie Pie asked as both her and Spike sprang forward to check on her.

She pushed several books off her. “Ya I'm fine, that just startled me.” She got up and looked at all the books now on the floor. “I just arranged those yesterday. It will take me all morning to clean those up.”

“Maybe I can do it!” Pinkie Pie walked over to the books and looked around at them. She closed her eyes and began focusing. After several seconds the books just vanished.

Twilight looked furious. “Pinkie Pie, what did you do with my books?!”

“Wait for it,” Pinkie Pie said as she stared up at the book shelves they had fallen from.

After ten seconds a single book appeared on the upper left shelf that the books had fallen from. After another second, another book appeared next to it. Then a half a second later two books next to it. After ten seconds the entirety of the five bookshelves was filled with books.

Twilight sat dumbfounded as she looked up at the perfectly organized books. “Pinkie, these are all in prefect order. It would have taken me all day with Spike's help to do that. How did you do it in under a minute?”

Pinkie Pie looked up at the books. “I have no idea, I just did it.”

Twilight stared at her, both angry and in awe at the explanation. “And you still can't get rid of things you make?”

Pinkie Pie shook her head. “How should I know, I haven't tried today.”

Twilight levitated the muffin that had caused the books to fall in front of Pinkie Pie. “Well then try.”

Pinkie Pie stared at the muffin. After a few seconds Spike jumped into the air and ate the muffin midair. Twilight looked at him angrily. “Spike!”

Spike looked up confused. “I couldn't help myself Twilight!”

“Your appetite is no excuse, if you wanted another you could have just asked.”

“No, I mean I COULDN'T help myself. I just did it, I wasn't even thinking about it.”

Twilight looked at Pinkie Pie. She looked away. “I may have thought the easiest way to get rid of it would be to have Spike eat it.”

Twilight's eyes got wide. “This isn't good.” She paced back and forth for a moment. “I think I should report this to Celestia.”

Spike pulled out some paper and a quill. “Ready!”

Pinkie Pie got between the two. “Wait! You are going to tell her it was an accident, right?”

Twilight nodded. “Of course, I'm not blaming you. I just think that Celestia would want to know about what you can do already.”

Pinkie Pie nodded her head solemnly. “OK.”

Twilight looked at her with concerned eyes. “Oh Pinkie, don't worry about it. Celestia is the kindest person I know. She just wants what's best for everypony. She wants to know how you are progressing so we can all help you control your power.”

Pinkie Pie perked up. “So you want me to use my power?”

Twilight hesitated. “Well, yes, but we want you to use it responsibly.”

“I'm responsible,” Pinkie Pie said in a semi-defensive tone.

“But your not used to this kind of power. I have had my whole life to grow accustomed to my magic, but you suddenly get all of Discord's powers thrust on you, and they seem to be coming in quickly.”

“Doesn't that just mean I need practice?”

Twilight knew that Pinkie Pie was right. There was no other way to get good at controlling magic, the closest thing to compare her new power to, but Twilight dreaded the thought of using that much power on purpose. “Yes Pinkie, but please be more careful.”


Pinkie Pie went to her room, hastily made in the back room of the library, while Twilight wrote her letter to Celestia. She sat down in the middle of the floor. She began to stare at an empty place on the floor in front of her. “Carefully,” she said. Suddenly there was a cake in front of her. She stare at it, unblinking. “Carefully.” The cake rose into the air. “Carefully.” The cake began to shrink, slowly at first, but after a few seconds it was to small to see. Pinkie Pie smiled at her accomplishment. She had made something disappear.

Most of the rest of the day went by uneventfully, as Pinkie Pie had stayed in her room all day practicing her new trick. When Twilight walked in she was startled to see Pinkie Pie summoning and then making disappear, a dozen or more cakes at once.

“Pinkie, that's incredible. Have you been in here all day practicing that?”

“Yep,” Pinkie Pie said with a smile.

“Aren't you tired?”

“No, my head hurts a little though.”

Twilight looked concerned. “Pinkie Pie, don't push yourself. You have all the time in the world to practice. Get some rest.”

Pinkie Pie nodded sleepily. “OK.” She pulled herself into her bed and went almost immediately to sleep. Twilight looked at her worriedly, then went to bed herself.