• Published 20th Sep 2012
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Discord's Resignation - Xz Hacker

Discord passes on his power to Pinkie Pie.

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Chapter Six: "New Events"

Chapter Six: “New Events”

A guard burst into Celestia's throne room and exclaimed, “Princess! It appears Discord has escaped again!”

Celestia immediately began writing Twilight to tell her to gather her friends, and that the Elements of Harmony would be needed once again.

Twilight received the letter, and in only a matter of hours had all of her friends on the train to Canterlot. When they arrived, Celestia greeted them hurriedly, “I'm glad you all made it so quickly,” she paused and levitated the box containing the Elements of Harmony in front of them. “To my surprise they were all still were I had left them. I don't know what game Discord is playing at, but we haven't heard word of any chaos anywhere.”

The six bearers of the Elements of Harmony quickly took up their respective Elements. Twilight looked at Celestia, eyes blazing with passion, “don't worry Princess, we have dealt with him before, and we will again.”

Celestia looked uncertain, but still proud. “I know you will my student.”

They all stood there for a moment. Suddenly the awkwardness of the situation struck. Up to this point they were all preparing to fight Discord, but where was he?

Twilight scratched at the ground for a moment before saying, “so... where is he?”

Celestia blushed slightly. “I am not sure, no one has seen him since his escape.”

Everyone fell silent again, not sure what to say. After a few moments Pinkie Pie had an idea, “maybe he hasn't got free, maybe somepony stole his statue.”

Everyone stared at Pinkie Pie, momentarily stunned at the brilliance of such an idea. Celestia thought about it and answered, “that may be the most likely answer, as I have never known Discord to not jump straight on making chaos.”

Suddenly the disembodied voice of Discord surrounded them, “you see, that's just what I mean, I've gotten so,” he paused for a moment, “predictable,” he said the final word almost in a shudder.

Celestia nearly jumped, everyone else did. Celestia spoke unsure, “what are you up to Discord?”

Discord finally appeared, hovering about a foot off the ground. He began to open his mouth, but was cut off by Pinkie Pie yelling, “get him!”

The Element Bearers all lifted into the air. Discord held up his hands and yelled, “wait,” but it was to late, the Elements of Harmony had already turned him to stone before he had time to do anything else.

They all sat in silence for a moment. The entire incident had been unbelievable short. After a moment Celestia spoke. “Well... well done. I will have the guards bring Discord back to his place in the gardens.”

The Bearers all hesitantly turned and went back to the train, unsure of what else to do. As Celestia turned around to fetch a guard she was faced with her sister starring at her. “Oh Luna, what are you doing up this time of day?”

Sleepily Luna said, “we had heard the commotion, and thought we may have been of some assistance, but it seems you, your student, and her friends have already defeated Discord.”

Celestia looked over her shoulder at Discord's statue. “Yes, it was quite odd, having him show up like that, he did not even fight against the Elements, it was as if he did not try.”

Luna stared for a moment at her sister then said dismissively, “sister, I thought you had long ago given up on attempting to understand that beast. You know he has never shown any rhyme or reason in his actions.”

Celestia gave Luna a funny look, but then nodded, realizing she was right. “Yes, you are correct, I should not even begin to try to understand him, but enough of this talk, you need your sleep dear sister, lest you be tired when the night comes.”

Luna nodded and began to head to her room. She slowly walked to her bed and laid down. She smiled a little and looked up into the air. “We are most impressed.”

In her mind she could hear the voice of Pinkie Pie. “Me? Nah, you were awesome, I couldn't get Celestia to buy it on my own.”

“My sister has been gullible since birth. Although fooling your five friends will be a trick, can you keep up your double?”

Pinkie Pie laughed a little, “I don't need to, I'm not controlling her, she is just a copy of me before I got my powers.”

Luna paused on that thought. “You mean to say that that really is the old you?”


“We say once again, we are most impressed. What will you do now, with all that power, and no real worries?”

There was a pause, Pinkie Pie had yet to think about their plan this far in advance. “I don't know.”

“Surely there is something you want?”

“No, nothing but to see everypony happy, and I think I can do that now.”

“Without Discord, we think this world will be a safer place. And we thank you for letting us remember all that had transpired.”

“I couldn't let you forget how much Celestia loves you now could I.”

A small tear of happiness came from Luna's eyes. “We thank you again.”