• Published 20th Sep 2012
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Discord's Resignation - Xz Hacker

Discord passes on his power to Pinkie Pie.

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Chapter Five: "Detached"

Chapter Five: “Detached”

In one hour the Princesses had arrived at the library. Twilight ran out to meet them, frantic. “Princess! Somethings wrong!”

“What is it Twilight,” Celestia asked worriedly.

“Pinkie Pie... she... she isn't moving.”

They all three quickly made there way inside to find Pinkie Pie standing in the middle of the floor in the library. She was staring straight forward unblinking. She had a warm smile on her face, but for no apparent reason.

Celestia slowly walked over to Pinkie Pie and bent down to meet eyes with her. They both stared into each others eyes for a long minute, until Celestia finally blinked. “How long has she been like this?”

Twilight shook her head. “Not very long after we ended the link. She said something about wishing I could see it then stopped moving.”

“See what?”

“She said she was reading everyone's mind.”

Celestia looked over at Luna with a worried expression. Luna nodded knowingly. “Your fears are coming true dear sister.”

Celestia nodded. “Yes it seems so.”

Twilight looked back and forth between them. “What do you mean? What fears?”

“She is moving beyond normal consciousness. I realized that this was inevitable when she had us all connected. She is seeing everything at once. Imagine being able to hear and see everything, including people's thoughts.”

Twilight shuddered a little. Having already experienced being connected to just a few others, she didn't want to think about being connected to that many.

In all of her vast sight, Pinkie Pie could still concentrate enough to notice what was going on with one of her closest friends. She could see them gathered around her, Twilight and the two Princesses. She could feel Twilight's worry about her well being, and the Princesses angst of having so much power set loose. Pinkie Pie wanted to move her own body, but couldn't quite figure out how. Being everywhere at once was an odd sensation.

Twilight saw Pinkie Pie's smile twitch ever so slightly, and her eyes drop in what looked like irritation. “She moved!”

Celestia studied her closely. She had indeed moved. Celestia walked over and attempted to push Pinkie Pie. She didn't budge.

Twilight was curious. “What are you doing Princess?”

“I wanted to know if she could be moved.”

“Let me try.” Twilight began to focus on Pinkie Pie, attempting to use her magic to levitate her. Pinkie Pies body began to glow with Twilight's magic's signature purple glow, but didn't budge.

Both Celestia and Luna got in on it too, but not even all three of their magics combined could move Pinkie Pie's immobile body an inch.

Pinkie Pie wanted to laugh, she was watching all three of them try to move her body, without any success. She couldn't laugh though. She wasn't connected to her body. Such an odd sensation, not being in your own body, but watching it from everyone else's perspective. On top of that, she could feel everything that was going on. Not from her body, but practically from everything else. It was then she realized that her body seemed out of place. Everything else had a feeling to it. Everything else was there. Her body wasn't there. It just was. To them it seemed like it was there, but it wasn't. That is why they couldn't affect it with magic.

After several moments of trying to move her body all three of them stopped. It was obviously no use. They hadn't budged her one bit. Twilight looked up at Celestia. “What do we do now Princess?”

Celestia looked down at Twilight, unsure of herself. “I'm not sure.”

Pinkie Pie could feel Twilight's unease about Celestia being so unsure of herself. She wanted to help, she wanted to come back to them and tell them she was alright. But how? Her body was just, not like everything else. She could feel everything else just fine. She could move everything else. That gave her an idea.

Twilight looked at the Princess. She had never seen her unsure of herself before, and it worried her. If Princess Celestia didn't know what to do, then who did? Out of the corner of her eye she noticed a quill on her desk moving. “What is that?”

Celestia and Luna turned to look at the quill that was moving on its own. It wasn't surrounded by a glow, so it wasn't being controlled by magic. They all three walked over to the desk to see what it was writing down on the paper.

Hi guys, sorry to worry you like this, I just don't know what to do. I can't move my body at all, but its OK cause I can do anything else. So you guys should stop worrying about me and just go do whatever you need to do OK?

Love, Pinkie Pie.

As Pinkie Pie finished writing the letter she felt quite happy with herself at having thought of this solution. She watched the Princesses and Twilight read the letter as she finished writing it. It took them a second to comprehend what she was saying, but they understood.

Twilight looked up and around the room. “So you are still here Pinkie?”

Celestia put her hoof on Twilight's back. “No Twilight, she isn't here, she is everywhere.”

“Then why is her body still here?”

Celestia hesitated, once again unsure of the answer. Luna had a good idea though. “If we had to guess, it is simply because she is used to having a body. When we were Nightmare Moon, we could become like smoke, or be more than one pony at once, but it took concentration. We were so used to having a real body, not having one felt unusual.”

Pinkie Pie had never thought of it that way before. Luna was right. That body wasn't really hers, but it was something she was projecting out of habit. She suddenly realized that she didn't really have a body anymore. That made sense. Pinkie Pie slowly began to speak. “I... get it... now.”

Both the Princesses and Twilight jumped to hear her speak. They all stared at her body for a moment, waiting for it to move or speak again. Still staring straight forward, and still unblinking, she opened her mouth again. “This is a little weird but I think I got it.”

“Are you OK?” Twilight had no idea what to say, so she blurted out the question instinctively.

“Oh I'm fine. Wow I look weird huh?” Her body blinked, then turned to look at Twilight, eyes still wide open. “No that's not quite right either.”

“What are you doing,” Twilight asked.

“Luna made a point. This isn't really my body, I'm just so used to having one that it stayed. But now that I know that, I can make it do what I want, I'm just not used to it yet.”

Twilight was unsure of what to make of this. “So where are you?”

“Um, well, I guess what Celestia said before was right, I'm kinda everywhere.”

Twilight was still trying to get her head around it, but Celestia had already prepared herself for this sort of thing. “Pinkie Pie, so would I be correct in assuming that what you are seeing and doing now is exactly what Discord has always done?”

Pinkie Pie's body nodded mechanically. “Yup.”

Twilight couldn't keep a thought down. “Wait, if Discord didn't have a body, then how did the Elements turn him to stone?”

Celestia turned to her. “The Elements have incredibly strong...”

Pinkie Pie interrupted her. “They didn't.”

Luna, Celestia, and Twilight stared at Pinkie Pie's body, dumbfounded.

Celestia began slowly. “What do you mean Pinkie Pie?”

The Elements are kinda strong, but they can't affect me, and they couldn't affect Discord. He just let us think they worked, because he wanted us to win his games.

Twilight looked confused. “He wanted us to win?”

Pinkie Pie's body nodded, slightly less mechanically this time. “Yes.”

“How do you know all of this?” Celestia asked.

“I just do, I can feel it, it is like everything, it just simply is, and I just know.”

They all stayed silent for a moment. Know one knew what to make of all these new revelations.

Twilight was the first to speak. “I thought Discord said it would take months to obtain his full power.”

“It took him four months, it is hard to say how long it will take me, but I don't have it all yet.”

Celestia nearly fell over. She couldn't possibly imagine more power than she already had. “How much more is there?”

Pinkie Pie smiled, “you don't have to be worried Celestia, I wouldn't hurt anyone.”

Luna finally spoke again. “Then it is agreed.”

Celestia and Twilight turned to look at her confused. “What are you talking about sister?”

Pinkie Pie answered for her. “We have been talking mentally, she was worried about you getting worked up. So we came up with a plan.”

Celestia eyed Luna suspiciously. “What kind of plan?”

Pinkie Pie continued. “Everyone will fear me as long as they know I have so much power, Luna knows that I won't abuse it, but almost everyone else is afraid. I want everypony to be happy, not scared. Luna and I both agree, things can't stay the way they are.”

Twilight looked worried. “What are you planning?”

Luna looked toward her sister and Twilight, “it does not matter now,” she turned to look at Pinkie Pie, “do it.”