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After the events of the Canterlot Wedding, the Changelings regroup and plot a return. Upon their comeback, they successfully imprison every live equine in Equestria into cocoons within the span of a year. Nesting in the mountain next to Canterlot, the Changelings feed off of the thousands of ponies' love, claiming Equestria as their own.

Many years after their triumph, one pony escapes her cocoon prison through sheer luck, discovering Equestria to be a dark and barren wasteland of dead trees and no existing plant-life. Searching for any means of survival that she can find, the individual pony seeks a safe place to hide from the Changelings hot on her tail, knowing that if she gets captured again, they will put her back in her cocoon where she will be trapped for the rest of her life, dooming her kind forever.

Chapters (29)
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Comments ( 174 )

I see this Matrix crossover thingy..... Very interesting.

Try and vary the vocab a bit, it gets a little stale. But I love it so far.

Ooh, do continue! It's interesting and well-done!

Yeah I try to spread out my vocabulary a bit better, though in some situations it's a bit tricky to use different words for specific meanings. I'm always looking for ways to improve my writing.

Thank you, I'm glad you're enjoying it so far.

Very good. Changelings are very bad news.

Wonder if the bat works for Luna...

A friendly bat. :) Poor pony, eating ants.

Anything more coming?

Oh yes, I'm still working on chapter 3. Struggling a bit on it, but I hope to have it up this weekend.

Yay, go Dashie! Woohoo!

A great, different story so far!

Silly Rainbow Dash! Though it's a good thing to see her coming out on top of her first 'fight'

Fun, I wonder what she will do next?

As always, cheering the continuation of the story!

I'm glad to see this alive, sadly not alot of attention but I do hope your next fic that you're working on will change everything!

Still loyally following along. Latest one is...odd. Wondering how she will escape again.


This had better be good.

And I hate The Matrix.

Deam potest vinci, et fieri pacem reduci in terra nostra. Sit sperare praefluunt omnes et sinite animos gubernet nos ad victoriam.

Deam potest vinci, et fieri pacem reduci in terra nostra. Sit sperare praefluunt omnes et sinite animos gubernet nos ad victoriam.

That's interesting choice.
You should add tags changeling and probably "other"

Hm, yes, perhaps you're right. Suppose I'll do that.

Comment posted by The Princess Luna deleted Feb 20th, 2013

Nice, Mercy is named after a $354K Lamborghini!

2151583 Teach me how to speak Latin. Please? :duck:

1291242 One thing I noticed about your story, thus far at least, is that you used the same word 2+ times in one sentence a few times. I've edited a few stories myself and from my experience, multiple uses of the same word in close proximity to one another doesn't make it sound/flow very well.

That being said, I think this story is extremely well written. I didn't get a chance to read the old version, but I can already tell that this is probably a lot better.:twilightsmile:

Who IS that Pegasus? OC?

Thanks for the feedback. Sometimes I just don't end up catching myself making that error, and I suppose it doesn't get caught in editing either. But I'll do my best to keep my eye open for those.

The pony's identity is revealed further into the story. =3

Also, to answer your question regarding wanting to learn Latin, just use Google's translator. It doesn't usually work the greatest, but it does the job when you need something translated.

Welp! I did not see Scootaloo coming :pinkiecrazy:

Here I was sooo convinced it was Rainbow Dash.

So good job! :derpytongue2:

Haha. Got you. XD

2151670 Sorry, but I can't. The meaning is simply: The Goddess can be overcome, and that there be peace restored in our land. Let us hope that all the flow and let the spirit guide us to victory.

Also: Nec capiunt mutare, et inducam vos in inferno daemonem esse et siste. Currens est spes tua, et vivet anima vestra et orate. Currere, quia nihil potest facere. Et liber damnatus refugit?

Cum solus est spes. Cum vix, spero. Cum via nulla est spes.

Which in turn means: Don't let the changing one catch you; they will halt your existence and the demon will bring you to hell. Run, for it is your only hope, and pray that your life will be spared. Run, for it may be the last thing you do. Run away from the damned and be free!

When you are alone, there is hope. When you are scared, there is hope. When there is no way to go, there is hope.

Slowly the flames faded away, and a familiar changeling was replaced by the fierce timberwolf, and her eyes widened.

Swap "a familiar changeling" and "the fierce Timberwolf"

Or replace "was" with "had" and delete "by"

Atleast, gosh i waited for this for sooo long xD

Okay, ever more interesting!

Will we see the fates of the Mane 6?

It would feel...strange to read and imagine Canterlot being in ruins.


Note: I think that at the end of this story, someone should sing "Here Comes the Sun", should everyone make it out alive.

Some sort of Mega-Changeling...hmm.

Wow i didn't hink you would do that. Write next chapter faster! :D

Out of all the stories I've read on this site, this on is competing in the Top 3 area. The only reason the other two are winning is because they were finished XD.

Still enjoying, waiting for more!

Just found this. Loving it so far; Keep it up!

Oh no, not Dashie.....

I'm so sorry... but...just....when she talked about drinking the potion that enhances strength, all I could think of was



Man....ten years with no interaction with anypony...

would the mane six even...would they even still be ALIVE?!:twilightoops:

Comment posted by Blahman2816 deleted Jul 8th, 2013

“I’ve been watching you, Scootaloo.” the alicorn looked down to her with his emerald eyes.

:pinkiegasp: *Le Gasp*



:raritydespair: Nooooo! Mercy!

Aww... He will be missed :fluttershyouch:

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