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False Door

If you like feeling awful, you've come to the right place.


Time Turner comes to Rockville on official geological business; unfortunately that business involves greenlighting a project to destroy the Painted Hills, a local natural wonder and a fondly remembered foalhood locale of local rock farmer, Maud Pie. Unhappy with his assignment, Time seeks Maud's help in saving the landmark by uncovering an ancient secret. The more time they spend together in the hills, the more their weirdness seems to fit together... Oh, yes and Maud's pet rock turned jealous ex, Boulder is trying to kill them which appears connected to it all in some strange way.

Maud Pie x Dr. Whooves

The 'sex' tag is purely for some innuendo but the story does contain hot fossil collecting action.

My submission for the May Pairings Contest 2022.

Cover by me, as always.

Chapters (8)
Comments ( 4 )

So that's Boulder taken care of...but what about Tom?!

Wait... There's another one?

The dry, perfectly straight delivery of this whole story just puts this over the top, awesome work. I was snerking all this chapter reading it.

Thank you! I think to get the most out of this story it's kind of paramount to hear Maud's dialogue in Maud's voice.

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