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I'm a college student and member of many fandoms, including MLP. I'm a total Fluttercord shipper.


Fluttershy unexpectedly falls asleep in the library while working on her class project. Her dream is so vivid that it feels real, and she learns more about both her foalhood friend Rainbow Dash and the class troublemaker (and her crush) Discord.

Crossover AU of Deltarune Chapter Two.

Day Nine of #FluttercordWeek2022: Odd Combinations

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Two of my biggest hyperfixations combined...........Nonbinary Discord........I am looking so hard

My only complaint is that Twilight should have been Ralsei and Zephyr should have been Berdly because it fits too well but like this is perfect otherwise

Also I'm incredibly curious as to who Spamton is in this AU

I'm glad you liked it! And I agree that Twilight would make for a good Ralsei, but I wanted to pick a character whose name I could make into a reasonable anagram. So I choose Bramble from the comics for Asriel and made up Barb Elm. And I have to admit that I'm attached to the theory of December Holiday being mysteriously missing, and Fluttershy had a sibling who could conveniently be missing...

I never fully decided who Spamton would be in this story, since the plan was for everything to be from Noelle/Fluttershy's point of view. But they'd be a changeling like the Addisons...so could be a down-on-her-luck Chrysalis. Though the fit admittedly isn't a perfect one.

I mean........you could have Sunset be Asriel and Twi be Ralsei because they're synonyms and Twilight sort of "replaced" Sunset

Also Chrysalis Spamton sounds really cool actually

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