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Expecting to live a rapturous life in Equestria getting loads of cash simply for teaching at a school about friendship, you weren't so satisfied when getting a lousy paycheck once every month! What's worse is that you weren't the only one disappointed at the low wages. Only one mare is responsible for providing these harsh wages; Princess Twilight.

Banding together, you protested inside the school halls to spread out the message to her and her cruelty to the public.

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this was the true ending

I can just see it...

Tirek: Well, well Princess Twilight. Fancy seeing you here.
Cozy: How did you end up here?
Twilight: Tax Evasion...
Cozy and Tirek: -_-

Gen 5 faces the new and improved legion of doom.

And then the school closed down.

Wait, isn't Twilight a government employee? Her wages as a librarian/princess were paid with taxes! What a hypocrite!

And thats how magic dissapered in Equestria.

While I was reading this I could only think of red alert 3 engineer quotes.

Capitalist pigdogs! Surrender your moneys to the glorious revolution!
Surrender your funds, servants of capitalist swines!

But it is the most heinous of crimes!

It is an affront to the concept of a society! It is disregard for ALL sentient creatures! Without taxes, you would have nothing! No government, no police, so then suddenly tax evaders are guilty of every crime committed because there were no police to stop common criminals!

Anti-government Twilight is the best

You gently walked over to her teary face, adjusting the red tie and your black suit to give her an answer as you stared down at her, "You want forgiveness... get religion "

I wanna put some dirt in your eyes.

Harto de la naturaleza loca de Twilight de ser un fanático de la evasión de impuestos, la tomaste de tus manos y la levantaste por el casco, "Extraño la parte donde ese es mi problema..."

Reference x2

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