• Published 28th Sep 2021
  • 1,510 Views, 168 Comments

Parasite Eve: Fuse - Thisguyhere

Sunset Shimmer finds herself no longer alone in her own body. Questions of identity and morality are only a few of her new concerns as she learns that sometimes, the worst foe lies within the self...

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Holly shit, i finished re-reading threw this story for fun like 10 minutes ago and it immediately updates, Nice.

well now i've actually read threw it, great chapter, glad the break did you some good, i'll be eagerly awaiting the next update, whenever it comes out

Just read this story, this was great!

Ah🙏🥰hhh thank you for the update!

Binged the story today, very good character arcs and growth even for someone with only loose Parasite knowledge. Hoping this does get back into the swing as the teaser authors note suggests.

I can't help but imagine Leon Kennedy appearing next chapter.

If you need ideas for firearms for Pinkie to Frankenstein up, here's a shotgun.

I'm pretty sure a nine month lull in updates means this story is also in hiatus at this point....

what's the caliber on Rarity's rifle?

Because if it's .50 BMG, I sincerely hope it is something like the M82A2

Seriously, look at this bullsh*t.

Any idea when the next chapter will be out?

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