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Diamond Tiara has studied boxing for almost a decade and is ready to celebrate her 18th birthday with her professional debut! But trouble in the strawweight division may end her boxing career before it begins. What's a troubled young woman to do if she can't secure a boxing match?

Prequel to Hard As Diamond

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In all seriousness, excellent start. It's like the first scene of a movie.


Appreciate it, sir.
We'll see how it goes. I was tired of not writing. Diamond's introduction to MMA is fun to me and that's what I want to write for now. Something fun for me.

Your writing is on point, the grammar is on point, and the descriptions are on point.
It should be featured because it's interesting, pony boxing, but I think therein lies the issue, you've gone for humanised.
If this was anthro or proper pone, I think it might gain a little more traction, but that's just my guess.
Then again, some bloody awfully written self-insert bollocks is featured while something well done like this is overlooked, so I don't know if I can say for sure. I'm gonna go and read the first story before this prequel came along, I reckon it'll be a good read given this was also good.
Hope you feel like continuing it. :twilightsmile:


Thank you for your comment and I'm very happy you are enjoying the story so far. I'm no stranger to not being featured. In fact, I think only 2 of my stories have ever touched the feature box and not for any real length of time when they did. I used to get offended by it but not anymore. It's just how it goes. I'm just happy when someone reads something of mine and takes the time to let me know what they thought.

Hope you enjoy Hard As Diamond and I do plan on continuing this story as well.

I'd figure at over 250 followers that you'd get featured a bit more often than that.
But fo' realsies' I like this a lot, reading through your first DT fic. It's visceral and detailed.


I joined in 2012 and got to about 220 followers in the early days when it was way easier to them. If I had a story that didn't get 300 views in the first day or two it was a failure. I took like a 3 year break and came back to a fandom in decline. It's such a different place now. I hope the new movie/season will bring a bunch of new people into the mix so there can be some positive changes made.

I would bet 80% of my followers are abandoned accounts at this point.

Glad you are enjoying Hard As Diamond. I really enjoyed writing it and thought the story was very good. The mma was the vehicle to tell the story not the story itself.

That makes a great deal of sense as to why some accounts net 3k and barely get half that in likes tbh.
It's gonna be nice to see how the early days of DT pan out.

I can get into this one.


Glad you like it so far. Thank you for the read and comment.

Great chapter looking forward to the others and good job giving us a little more details about diamond life at home and her relationship with one of the workers at her house


The story definitely needed some characterization. I'm flying by the seat of my pants here, just sat down and made that chapter up today but I hope to tie everything together well near the end. Thank you for the comment and read. I'm happy you are enjoying it.

Feel like the dialogue between Vicuna and Diamond was a little short, but that's ok.

Ay, new chapter.
Good stuph.


Thanks for reading and commenting. Happy you are enjoying the story so far.

The day is going to come when her fighting skills come in handy, and by golly, her old man and butler are going to be in the thick of it.

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