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If I was intentionally wasting your time with reading this, would I really make it a rhetorical question?



This movie has made people laugh and cry and laugh again. It is the oldest of the gen 4 movies and the Acronym that is EQG most certainly has and had always been used in referral to 'extremely queer guesses', you can trust me I'm the lord of time (every seventh Tuesday).

So deactivate your random lols deflectors and embrace the English language being torn asunder by this author in an attempt to inform and entertain.

(Please not that all time spent experiencing boredom during your reading of this fic will not be refunded.
Also you not getting the joke, doesn't mean that its not funny trust me I googled funny once; I know funny!)

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I googled funny once; I know funny!

Shit, that's a legit argument. Welp, time to learn how funny works.

Life Update: 'Legit' has been achieved.
Assessment: I have been accepted as one of them; and not an avid 'Bing' user.
Conclusion: Yay!

Is that a strange toy Eqg Dash?
Weird.. but pretty cool!

In honesty the majority of EQG's toy line is terrible to the point that merely being called strange would almost certainly be a compliment.

And if I'm being very honest its the most appropriate image I could find for my story that wasn't owned by a fan artist, and found it was in under 70 seconds.

There is not much to this story at present (heck twilight doesn't even know about the mirror portal yet and the other side where the cover art character lives) but I've got big plans for this and hopefully for Rainbow rocks.

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