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(Currently being written by Spectralist)

Copper Coin is writer, a detective, whatever pays the bills for him. When a rich pony asks him to investigate the town of Ponyville for a missing foal with thousands of bits on the line he couldn't say no. But soon his investigation becomes more difficult with an uncooperative townsfolk and a strange church on the edge of town. Copper has to figure out what has become of the town of Ponyville before he suffers the same fate as the foal he was hired to find.

Credit to Ponyknight for the cover-image.

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dont re-upload, just write the next chapter :pinkiecrazy::pinkiesad2::pinkiesick:

2369132 Sorry:pinkiesad2: But I'm not writing it anymore, The Spectralist is, so I re-uploaded the chapters that he had rewritten. I'm really sorry that it caused confusion.:twilightsheepish:


But I'm not writing it anymore, The Spectralist is

That mean it's being uploaded elsewhere? :rainbowderp:

2370773 No, we're doing this Silent Ponyville 3 style. He writes, and I'll upload it here.

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